Sep 09

Who started this Fire?

The Broadway star of Movin’ Out is coming to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. THE MUSIC OF BILLY BillyJoelJOEL with Michael Cavanaugh might sound like this might be in the vain of a Billy Joel cover band, but that is far from the case. Cavanaugh was hand selected by Billy Joel to star in Movin’ Out and what a wise choice that has been. The Tony and Grammy nominee will be performing from October 16th to October 18th. 

For more information, Show times, tickets, and pricing go to
Sep 09

Try These Creative Uses for Lemons

Tart, flavorful and helpful, lemons can be used for a number of tasks around your apartment. 

Cleaning Purposes
• Lemons can be used as an air freshener. Simmer six lemon slices and some cloves in a pot of water. 
• Clean your linens by using lemons as a prewash aid. In a large pot, bring water and lemon slices to a boil. Turn off the heat, add your dirty linen and let them soak for an hour before washing as normal. 
• Remove coffee and tea stains from clothing by soaking the stain in lemon juice for an hour before washing.
• Drop a lemon wedge into your garbage disposal to eliminate kitchen odors
• Freshen up your dishwasher by putting a half a lemon in the top rack of your dishwasher and run it with dishes. 
• Sanitize a chopping block by running a lemon over the surface. 

Various Uses

• Biting into a lemon helps cure a bout of hiccups.
• Mix lemon juice with honey to help cure a sore throat. 
• Whiten your fingernails by rubbing a wedge on the surface of your nails.
• Squeeze lemon juice over cut apples to maintain color.
• Lemon juice can help disinfect minor wounds.
Sep 09

Leftover foods – how long should you keep them?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, you should eat refrigerated leftovers within four days to leftoversreduce the risk of food poisoning. If you don’t anticipate being able to eat the leftovers within this period of time, freeze them immediately.

Below is a list of guidelines for storing, reheating and disposing of leftover foods that you can use to help reduce the threat of food poisoning.
• All cooked foods should be reheated to 165° F, refrigerated, or frozen within 2 hours after cooking. In hot weather, that time limit is only 1 hour.
• Remember to wash your hands with soap and water before handling any cooked food, especially food you store to eat later. Make sure you put all leftovers in to clean containers and do not store the foods in the same container the food was in before it was cooked.
• You should place foods to be refrigerated or frozen in small, shallow containers, 3 inches tall or less, and cover them completely.
• Never taste leftovers that are of questionable age or safety.
• Never keep leftovers for more than 4 days.
• When leftover foods are reheated, make sure you heat them completely. Leftovers that are merely “warmed” and not heated throughout are much more likely to cause food poisoning. Cover any leftover sauces, soups, gravies, and other “wet” foods, and heat them to a rolling boil before they are served. Heat all other foods to 165° F throughout. Be sure to stir foods while you reheat them, to ensure that all the food reaches the appropriate temperature.
You can help take the guesswork out of your leftovers with a free, downloadable Refrigerator Calculator. The printer-friendly chart lists popular leftovers along with each food’s recommended shelf-life. Post it on your refrigerator door as a helpful reminder — so you know when it’s safe to dig in — and when it’s better to throw out!
Do you and your family eat leftovers? How long do you usually keep them?
Sep 09

Welcome Lincoln Trinity Bluff

Welcome to your new virtual gathering place, a community blog for the residents of Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

Looking to connect with your neighbors? Do it here.
Looking for ideas for a weekend getaway? Find it here.
Looking for the latest about what’s going on in our community? It’s all here.

Every day you will find something new on the Lincoln Trinity Bluff community blog. It will be a must-visit stop every day on your digital cruising.

We plan to focus on what you care about: tips to make the most of your community and your apartment lifestyle, great places to go around town, wonderful weekend getaways, how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, food and dining suggestions, updates from the management team, and much more!

We’d love for you to jump right in and contribute! Got an opinion on something in the blog? Just click on “Leave a Comment” and share your thoughts — we can’t wait to hear from you.

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