Jan 10

“Puppy Tweets”- Twitter For Your Dog

Social networking has expanded to the animal world. Who would have thought dog2that one day your pets would be able to tweet as well? Mattel is introducing their new product called “Puppy Tweets”. This is the company’s first ever toy created for the canine community. Both dog and owner will enjoy this new product. According to a article, “Puppy Tweets is a plastic tag with a sound and motion sensor that you attach to your pet’s dog collar and connect its USB receiver to your computer.

Then you create a Twitter account for your dog and enjoy updates all day from Sparky or whatever its name is on your computer or Smart phone.” The tags for these tweets are set with several pre-recorded tweets. These tweets are triggered by the dog’s daily dag actives. If you pet are running you may get a tweet saying, “I finally caught that tail I’ve been chasing and…OOUUUCHH!” Or if your pet is sleeping you may get a tweet saying, “”Someday it feels like my paw is permanently on the snooze button!”

***”Puppy Tweets is part of the No. 1 toy maker’s line-up of new products for 2010 that it showcased to members of the media Thursday ahead of the industry’s annual Toy Fair in New York next month.”

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Jan 10

Winter Wreaks Havoc on Our Hands

wash-handsThis time of year can be really hard on our skin and though we tend to take good care of our face, I moisturize faithfully morning and night. Our hands often get neglected leading to dry skin, age spots and all kind of other unattractive things. It’s really easy to keep your hands looking young and healthy. Soap, especially the antibacterial kinds, contain alcohol and just like alcohol that you drink leaves you dehydrated the next day.  These soaps suck the moisture out of your skin. To protect your hands from drying out, use a sulfate-free soap and follow with a petroleum rich lotion. Keep nails looking nice by massaging cuticles with an oil-based cream. Avoid nail polish with formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Better yet, give your nails a break and avoid polish altogether for a week.

Concerned that your hands are giving away your age? Be sure to apply a sunscreen daily. I also apply a little bit of my facial moisturizer to my hands each night before bed. A trick I learned from my mom, who still, at 80 years old, has the most amazing skin.

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Jan 10

Oprah Winfrey presents The Color Purple

The Color Purple, Alice Walker’s unforgettable story of Celie, the poor and uneducated black woman who triumphs over physical and metal abuse to eventually discover her true inner beauty and some of life’s joys, is running in it’s musical adaptation at the Bass Performance Hall this month.

Presented by Oprah Winfrey, this show has received many honors including five Outer Critics Circle Awards in 2006 and 11 Tony Award nominations that same year, taking home the Tony for Best Leading Actress.

For anyone who is a fan of the book or just a fan of Broadway, this is a moving show that you will not soon forget.

For more information, including ticket prices and future dates, click here.

Jan 10

Dr King’s Dream Is Still Alive

MLK Jr 3Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Perhaps the greatest civil rights leader we have ever known, Dr. King worked tirelessly to promote equality, freedom, dignity and hope. In honor of the work that Dr. King gave his life for, I wanted to share this particularly poignant quote with you. Let us continue to promote the ideals that Dr. King stood for and recognize with pride how far we have come since 1963, while not forgetting that there is still work to be done and striving to attain those goals.

I submit to you that if a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jan 10

French Fry Alternative

zucchini fryI LOVE French fries but like most people it seems, I am watching calories and trying to keep fit this year and unfortunately, French fries don’t really fit into my diet plan. So I was ecstatic when I found this easy recipe for oven baked zucchini fries. They are easy to make, much healthier than the fried version and they taste great!

Serve them with either some marinara sauce or a low fat sour cream dip and it makes a great appetizer or party food too!

Click here to check out the recipe and don’t forget to come back to the blog and tell us how you liked them!

Jan 10

Find a Variety of Classes at Indigo Yoga

Yoga_at_a_GymLooking for a new yoga studio in Fort Worth? Check out Indigo Yoga. With over 37 classes a week in four levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, there is surely a class for you. If you are new to yoga, you should try the beginner’s series first. This is a great way to introduce yourself to all of the poses and breathing techniques that you need to know for a successful practice.

Indigo Yoga also offers prenatal yoga classes and workshops throughout the year. Not sure which class is for you? Indigo Yoga’s website has a ton of great information to help you choose. Private instruction and massage therapy is also available.

For more information, including class schedule and pricing, please click here.

Jan 10

The Cowboys Offense was Hot While the Eagles’ was Not!

135px-Dallas_Cowboys_helmet_rightfaceFor the first time in 13 years, the Dallas Cowboys will move on to the second round of the divisional playoffs after an impressive 34-14 win at home over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Just six days earlier the Cowboys handed the Eagles a crushing 24-0 loss in Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys defense has given up only two touchdowns in the last twelve quarters of play and boasts two back-to-back shutouts this season, the first coming against the Washington Redskins the week before the Eagles defeat. 

Romo is playing well too with 11 touchdowns and just two picks in the month of December, which has seemed to quiet some of the chatter about his inability to play well in the last month of the year.  

Next Sunday in Minnesota, the Cowboys will face a team that is unbeaten at home and led by Brett Favre. The Vikings are 0-2 in divisional round playoff games against the Cowboys and Brett Favre has never beaten Dallas in the playoffs, although the opportunity to do so hasn’t come for Favre in a long time.

So what does Dallas have to succeed Sunday? If the Cowboys D can contain Adrian Peterson, they will have a great shot at a win this week. Also, they need to keep the penalty yards to a minimum and have a successful kicking game.

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Jan 10

Looking for Fresh Decorating Ideas? Think Flowers!

daisy-glassThe cold winter months are in full affect and this weather definitely has a way of bringing me down a little. Now that the holiday decorations are put away and the tree is gone, bringing a little color into my apartment with some fresh or faux flower arrangements really makes a cheery addition to my rooms. There are some great arrangements available already made but if you are feeling creative, you can but some flowers at a relatively inexpensive price and make your own arrangements.

Before you start, consider the room you are going to put them in. Is it modern or more traditional in feel? What’s the color scheme? How big is the space you have to place the arrangement in? Also keep in mind these basics: proportion, balance, texture, color and shape.

For more tips on flower arranging, click here.

Jan 10

Happy New Year from Lincoln Trinity Bluff

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Oprah Winfrey

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