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Apr 10

Adopt A Pet In Forth Worth, Texas!!

Were you looking to add a pet to your home? Adding a pet to your family is a great idea! Pets help you live long and keep you healthy. Don’t run out to your nearest pet store – Adopt A Pet! Isn’t this the cutest thing you have ever seen? Learn more about this cutie pie!

Guess what her name is….Cutie Pie!

Apr 10

Noisy Neighbor

Don’t you just hate noisy neighbors? I tried so hard to get an apartment on the top floor. As much as I hate walking up steps I was determined not to live under anyone. However, things didn’t work out in my favor. Now I am living on the first floor. I don’t know if the person above me has kids or not, but it sounds like she is battling or fighting someone every morning. I get so mad some days. I mean, how many times are you going to drop something on the floor. Or do you really have to walk that hard? I’m sure if you take lighter steps it wouldn’t hurt. Okay, let me stop ranting, but can you understand my anger. It seems like no matter where you go or what apartment property you live on you will always run into noisy people.

If you are in the same situation I’m in don’t panic. I found a couple of tips we both can use. First let’s not get some mad at them. Some people just don’t know that they are being loud. If you never told them they probably don’t realize it. I understand you might be a little loud during certain holidays or celebrations. But you don’t need to blast music every day all day. Give you neighbor a warning or just inform them that you can hear them. After that, you sure implement the following tips.

Keep a record– Make a list or write down every time you hear them make noise.

Remain polite at all time – Don’t come over rude or annoyed. It will make your neighbor defensive.

Contact property management – After a polite warning if they continue with their noise you should contact property staff to address the problem

Sue – If you’ve gotten to the point where nothing has worked with your rude neighbor, and they’ve remained inconsiderate for several months – it is actually possible to sue them for noise disturbance.

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Did You Guess Right? – Answer To brain Teaser Question

The answer is Fire

Apr 10

Brain Teaser!

Feed me and I live. Give me drink and I die. What Am I?

*(Answer will be posted Friday)

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Apr 10

Feng Shui Your Apartment

Learn how to Feng Shui your home one step at a time. Watch this clip and learn where to place water in your apartment. Water is one of the five elements to Feng Shui decorating. Watch and learn…

Apr 10

Tax Day!

It’s Tax Day! Aren’t you excited! Can you read my sarcasm? Every year all Americans are supposed to file their taxes. Some think is fun and others, like myself, wait until the last day – which is today. I really thought I was going to be ready and have everything done by now. I had all my tax documentations together, but something always goes wrong or something always holds me back. Now I am unable to file my taxes by the due date. Are you in the same boat I’m in? Well, hurry up and jump out, save yourself while you can. I’m joking. If you are behind on filing for your taxes you can always file an extension.

It’s not that hard to file an extension. To get started all you have to do are –

  1. Have all your personal details, including your Social Security number, address, and the name and taxpayer ID number of your spouse.
  2. Have a copy of your 2008 tax return.
  3. Also, have a list of tax payments made in 2008.

If your taxes hasn’t changed since last year, you should be able to use your last year tax return to estimate your tax liability. You can find your this from your last year taxes. It’s located on line 60 form the form 1040, line 37 form form 1040A, and line 11 form form 1040EZ. Subtract any payments you’ve made throughout the year and report your balance due on line six of the extension form.

If you owe a balance, you’ll pay at least that much along with your extension to avoid a potential penalty.

To prepare to file and extension on your taxes you need to select a method. You can file a paper extension, File online, or pay by credit card.

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Hfacebookave you referred a fan to our Facebook Fan page yet? Oh you haven’t!? You must not want $100 off your next’s month rent then. Hurry up and refer a fan. It’s easy and if you win you save money!

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Apr 10

Green Spring Cleaning

There is something about being able to open my windows that makes me want to clean my apartment from top to bottom. Maybe it’s the smell of fresh air and budding leaves and flowers that does it. The spring air smells so good I want to bring it right into my living room. So the windows and doors fly open and every cleaning product and utensil gets dragged out of the closet for a cleaning like none other. I’ve caught the fever… the spring cleaning fever, that is. The best part is it’s invigorating to take on such tasks this time of year and actually feels good!

About a year ago I began a green movement in my apartment. When in the beginning stages of planning ways to clean green I kept coming up with ideas that were very impractical for apartment living – or any living. I thought of everything from clothes lines to “green” cleaning products. My dilemma was that I had no where to put a clothes line and these so called “green cleaners” didn’t seem to really get the job done.

After doing a little research I found some great ways to keep my apartment clean and green.

Here are a few of my favorites I use:

1) Vinegar and Baking Soda.

2) Avoid Anti-Bacterial Cleaners.

3) Natural Air Fresheners.

4) Leave Your Baggage At The Door.

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