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Wishing You A Happy Holiday

HAPPY HOLIDAYS RESIDENTS! The staff here wants to wish all our residents, their family and friends a happy and joyful holiday weekend! Hope you get everything you want! We also hope all those holiday blogs helped prepare you for the big day.

Dec 10

Apartment Living: Living Room Do’s And Don’t

Your apartment living room is the first room your guests walk into. So you should make a special effort to create a comfortable harmonious environment. Redecorate and reorganize your living room to be the perfect room in your apartment. Below are some living decorating do’s and don’t.

Decorating Do’s

  • Use magazines for inspiration. Tear out pictures of furniture items, rooms, colors and patterns and create your own mood board which you can use as a point of reference.
  • Use borders or fringing to revitalize curtains or furniture and to pick up colors from a focal item from the living room.
  • Have furniture of varying heights to add interest to a room and create a homely effect.
  • Place lighting at different levels in the room. Using a combination of up lighters, table lamps and standard lamps will add warmth and atmosphere.
  • Keep lampshades up to date, either by replacing or customizing. Shapes change regularly!
  • Consider having curtains made to measure if your budget allows it. Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to choose the fabric and colors, they will fit your windows exactly.

Decorating Don’ts

  • Have single chairs in a room used for entertaining, as it invites a person to sit alone and this can make other guests feel uncomfortable. Instead group chairs together in pairs or use sofas if space permits it.
  • Hoard old, worn accessories such as saggy cushions and curtains. Mend or update with new coverings or fillings if possible. If not, it could be time to start on a fresh again.
  • Worry about what your friends will think – it is your apartment and only you have to live there.
  • Be afraid of color or patterns. Experiment and have fun – you can always change it again.

Tips Take From: Apartment Ideas – “Define Your Decorating Style”

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Dec 10

How to Go Green This Holiday

The holiday season is the time of the year when we tend to waste a lot. According to Ezine articles, this time of the year, Americans throw away more than any other time of the year.

We at Lincoln Trinity Bluff take pride in conserving the environment. Here are some ways you can go green this holiday season.


Image by JSPAD via flickr

Instead of throwing away your gift wrapping paper this holiday season reuse it for next year gifts. That way you wouldn’t have  the headache of buying new wrapping paper all over again.

I’m sure many of you are planning on decorating your Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartment for the holidays. If your thinking of putting up holiday lights make sure you purchase the LED lights. These are energy-efficient lights that last longer and burns less energy.

These lights can be purchased from Home Depot located only 15 minutes away from your Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartment. Hurry because a 2 pack bundle of these lights are $12.98.

When your looking for additional decor for you apartment try to invest in purchasing recyclable items. Instead of buying ornaments and other joyous decorations this year: make them. Besides saving money, this will be a great opportunity for your kids to be involve in the family festivities.

For more information on go green holiday ideas visit Ezine Articles.

Dec 10

Clean Floors In Minutes

mop and bucket

Image by Krunkelstien via flickr

Cleaning your luxurious floors at Lincoln Trinity Bluff can be a daunting task. I’m sure every resident here wants to know the secrets behind clean floors.

Here are a few solutions to the right way to clean your apartment floors whether they are tile or hardwood.

One of the most important things to know before cleaning your floors is the right products and tools you will need. The good thing is, despite the type  floors you have there’s a cleaner out there specifically for it.

If you’re looking for a cleaner for your hardwood floors then Bonakemi’s Swedish Formula is the best one for you. Its environmentally friendly and effectively cleans dirt, grease and spills without leaving residue behind. This product can be found only at your local Walmart six minutes from your Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartments.

However, if you’re looking for a cleaner for your tiles the homemade remedy of vinegar and water will do the trick. Use a light deodorizer after to eliminate the odor of the vinegar.

However, the right mop is just as important as the cleaner you use. Everyone has their preference of the mop they want to use. Chose the right one that fit your needs. Once you have these items lined up you will be on the way to your sparkling clean floors.

Information credited to Apartment Guide.

Dec 10

What You Should Buy After the Winter Holidays

winter is around the corner

You can get great deals on winter clothing at post-holiday sales!

Now that the winter holiday season is coming to a close, many of us will be heading to the mall to go shopping at those post-holiday sales that offer amazing deals and great purchases. If you’re hitting the mall for some post-holiday shopping, residents of Lincoln Trinity Bluff, you might want to add these items to your shopping list. According to Shine, here are a few things you’ll definitely want to buy after the holidays.

•    Baking ingredients – Stores will be slashing the prices of baking items that they overstocked their shelves with during the holiday season. Take advantage of these low prices, and stock up on flour, sugar, and chocolates.

•    Winter clothing – Clothing retailers will be discounting prices on winter clothes greatly during post-holiday sales. You’ll be able to get awesome deals, especially on items like winter coats, scarves, hats, and boots. Just make sure you don’t buy anything trendy (you’ll want your new purchases to last a few winters)!

•    Electronics – Stores will start selling their new models of electronics at the beginning of January. You can get excellent deals on older models of computers, cell phones, cameras, etc, as they will be greatly discounted.

Image courtesy of Kitty ♥ Rouge via Flickr

Dec 10

Your Children And The Internet

This is icon for social networking website. Th...

Image via Wikipedia

It seems like everyone is online and using the computer. My co-worker’s grandfather just joined Facebook. Mind you, he is 80 years old. I’m not saying older people can’t enjoy Facebook, it’s just uncommon to see an 80 year old man on Facebook – that’s all. Unlike other things, I guess the internet doesn’t have an age limit. The internet is a great way to find everything and anything. I don’t know what the American society would do without it. I don’t even remember what life was like before Google.

Both the old and the young embrace every aspect of the World Wide Web. The internet is a fun tool, and yet it can be so unsafe at times – especially for your children.

How many hours do your children play on the internet?

It’s really important now a day to watch what our children are doing online. Do you monitor your kids while they are on the internet? As a parent you should make safety precautions when it comes to your children and their internet usage.

Use This Monitoring Checklist:

1. Install Parental Control Software

2. Set Limits

3. Make Sure They Don’t Divulge Personal Information

4. Know Their Usernames And Passwords

5. Block Others’ Access To Their Instant Messaging, E-Mail And Social Networking Accounts

6. Connect To Their Social Networking Accounts

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Dec 10

LTB Holiday Party!

Come down to the clubhouse on Wendesday, December 15th for LTB’s annual Holiday Party! This year’s theme…Ugly Holiday Sweater! So dust off that old tacky sweater in the back of your closet and join us next Wednesday for food catered from Reata, karaoke, pictures by the tree, prizes and more!

And don’t forget to donate an unwrapped toy for the Toys for Tots foundation while you’re here next week!

Dec 10

Toys for Tots

Help make the Holidays special for those in need. Bring in a new, unwrapped toy to the leasing office for the Toys for Tots foundation by Thursday, December 9th.

Dec 10

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