Jan 11

Winter Storms Deplete Nation’s Blood Supply

snow stormThe eastern portion of our nation took a hit in these most recent winter storms. People stranded, some without power, took its toll physically and financially. The domino effect has hit the nation’s blood supply HARD.

The dip in donations turned out to be a damaging 14,000+ blood and platelet donation cancellations. Would-be donors simply couldn’t make their appointments and the results have left us with a significant deficit.

The Red Cross has made an Urgent Plea to all eligible donors… GIVE BLOOD. Call and schedule an appointment today.

Giving is easy and generally not time consuming when making a typical donation. To learn more about the types of blood donations, how much time it takes and to schdule an appointment, log onto The Red Cross Online or contact them by phone at 1-800-RED CROSS. Donation stations in and around the Fort Worth area can be found on their website.

Make a donation today and make a difference. Invite a neighbor from Lincoln Trinity Bluff to go with you to give. It’s a great way to get to know a new friend while doing something positive in your community!

Jan 11

Great Lunch and Breakfast Cafe’ – Close To Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments

the corner cafe catering basketFor residents on-the-go, there’s a great place close to home to grab a tasty quick bite to eat.

The Corner Bakery Cafe’ is less than 5 minutes from here on Main Street just across from the Ashton Hotel.

For a quaint cafe’ that serves the perfect breakfast or lunch, the Corner Bakery Cafe’ hits the mark every time. Great for commuters, order a breakfast sandwich like a croissant filled with scrambled eggs, applewood bacon and cheese or get a delicious ham and cheese panini.

The Corner Bakery Cafe’ is a terrific lunch spot for apartment dwellers on a schedule! Order to-go, get quick service and if you’re a calorie counter, check out the 100 Lunch Combinations that will keep you under 600 calories! Have your next event catered by The Corner Bakery Cafe’. With such a wide variety, there’s something for everyone to love.

Here at Lincoln Trinity Bluff, we’re surrounded by amazing restaurants with a huge variety of great food.

Where’s your favorite in the area? Click on the comment button and write a review for your neighbors here at Trinity Bluff!

Jan 11

1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Floor Plan – How To Decide

Lincoln Trinity Bluff Floor PlansLooking for an Apartment in Fort Worth?

There are so many different things to consider when choosing a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom floor plan. Of course, there’s the money and your budget. The two must get along and play nicely with one another at the bank. While money is typically the bottom line for most, there are other things to add to your list of considerations.

Before making a selection for the floor plan that’s right for you, it’s important to envision your life at Lincoln Trinity Bluff. Take a tour with one of our Leasing Professionals. Invest the time to PICTURE your life and what you want from your new living space. With so many floor plans from which to choose, you’ll have a lot to think about before you sign a lease.

To get going in the right direction, ask yourself these questions:

DO I WANT TO ENTERTAIN IN MY APARTMENT HOME? For those who love to be the host for get-togethers, it’s important to evaluate your entertaining style to make sure you’ll have the square footage you will need. If cooking is critical to your entertaining equation, for instance, then the bigger kitchen or roomier layout may be the right way to go.

WILL I WORK FROM HOME? Even if you will be living singly at Lincoln Trinity Bluff, working from home might be much easier with an extra bedroom turned office. Staying organized is often done best with extra space. It’s also a plus to be able to close the door on any mess when friends or neighbors drop by.

WILL I HOUSE OVERNIGHT GUESTS? Some residents have frequent over-night guests. If loved ones come to town often enough to warrant the extra guest bedroom, it may be a wise use of money to have that convenience.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to consider when choosing a Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartment that only YOU will know. You may desire a unit with a view of the Trinity River or maybe you would prefer a courtyard view or to be close to the swimming pool. Contact one of our helpful Leasing Agents on duty to view your many layout options at Lincoln Trinity Buff.

Let us help you make a wise choice of apartment in Fort Worth! Call today!

Jan 11

Get Connected – Stay Connected With Us On Facebook

17facebookDid you know that Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments has a Facebook page?

At Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments, we want to make sure that residents have the latest information about what’s going on in our apartment community. Our Facebook page is a great place for residents to learn about events on-site, local festivities and hot spots and community notices.

By LIKING our Facebook page, our posts will feed into your Facebook news feed keeping you in-the-loop and up to date so you don’t miss a thing in your apartment community. If there’s a gathering, you’ll know!

Get to know your neighbors, connect with new residents, as a question about a local venue or post a greeting to the staff of Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments to create the COMMUITY you’ve always wanted!

You’ll find our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon in the upper right hand corner of this page. LIKE us and STAY CONNECTED!

Jan 11

Let Our Apartments Be Your Canvas

At Lincoln Trinity Bluff, it’s easy to set your decorating artist free!

We’re your canvas, Picasso!  You have 15 canvases (floor plans) to choose from to begin your living space masterpiece! When you start with spacious layouts, plush carpet, tile entryway, contemporary lines and amazing views, all that’s left is your touch … your signature style … to make the place YOURS!

Once you’ve creating the living space you want on the INSIDE, you can begin to full enjoy the location of Lincoln Trinity Bluff. Close to the coolest shopping, eating and entertainment venues in Fort Worth, you don’t have to go far to find what you’re looking for. Or better yet, stay on site!

Enjoy the refreshing pools and spas, the Athletic Center, Trinity Trails, spectacular manicured grounds, the courtyards or take a quick walk to Sundance Square in downtown. It’s all here at Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

Contact a friendly Leasing Agent today to explore the many possibilities at Trinity Bluff! What are you waiting for? Your masterpiece awaits!

Jan 11

Apartment Living With All The PERKS

Lincoln Trinity Bluff in Forth Worth delivers all the perks for your hip living space!

Located just minutes from the best restaurants, shopping venues and entertainment in Forth Worth, Trinity Bluff pampers its residents with the finest of extras. From a Wine Room for storage and entertainment and refreshing swimming pools with spas to lavish courtyards and spectacular views set in a manicured landscape, you’ll want for nothing at Trinity Bluffs.

Entertaining guests at Trinity Bluff is a pleasure with outdoor social areas and grills. The Ultra-Hip Clubhouse is the perfect spot for social gatherings and is the perfect place to meet your neighbors. The Athletic Center is your ticket to staying fit with the state-of-the-art fitness equipment at your convenience.

Take a quick peek at Our Website and while you’re there, Take a Virtual Tour! Virtually select a floor plan from Layouts and then do your own Virtual Move-In! Place your furniture, move stuff around, see how you can make THAT space, YOUR space with the click of a button.

Contact the Leasing Office for a visit to see for yourself just how good apartment living can be in Fort Worth!

Jan 11

Do You LOVE the Look of Your Apartment?

collage of decorThink back…

Remember the day you took a tour of Lincoln Trinity Bluff? Remember envisioning it as YOUR super-cool, totally YOU living space? Remember how you mentally arranged your furniture in the bedroom and how you mentally hung the pictures in the living room area?

Take a look around you NOW. Is it everything you hoped it would be the day you signed the lease agreement? Is it chocked-full of your personality, your charm, your signature style?

If it’s not … then it’s time to re-visit that excitement and recapture your vision! You have the foundation you need right here at Trinity Bluff’s, all you have to do is nurture your living space to reach its full potential with YOUR personality! In order to do that, take the time you need to look through magazines and online for decorating sites. Collect pictures of the art, colors and knick-knacks that charge your batteries and keep those pictures where you can see them. If you change your mind, toss the picture. Over a few weeks time, you’ll begin to see a trend forming that will help you determine the look and feel that is truly YOU.

After you’ve determined your own signature style, it’s time to evaluate your stuff. Donate or sell that which doesn’t fit and begin to replace those items with the ones that help you reach your vision for your apartment.

Recapture your enthusiasm for your apartment to create the living space you want! Begin your collage of ‘likes’ to determine your own signature style for your apartment!

Jan 11

Kitchen Re-Org 2011

Is it time for an Apartment Kitchen Take-0ver?

Back before marriage, kids and a dog I named Cipher (because I never could quite figure him out), I was a walking calamity with an apartment to match. Nothing was organized, least of all my kitchen. And that was fine as long as I lived alone in my apartment.

But after the wedding, a couple years and few dozen sippy cups went by, it became clear that organization was a must. While I have by NO MEANS mastered the art of organization all these years later, I have stumbled across a few helpful tips over time that have given me a new lease on life (or at least, a new lease on my KITCHEN life.)

A couple of months ago, a fellow apartment dweller turned me on to the wonders of baskets for cabinet storage solutions. One would think I’d have figured that gem out by now, none-the-less, after buying a few lovely, sturdy wicker baskets, I was able to transform my kitchen into a wonderland of organization. As an example:

hand mixerI’ve taken to baking my own cakes for special occasions, which requires a hand mixer. I’m sure I don’t have to outline for you the evils of Storing a hand mixer. The cord alone is enough to have me screaming into the night but add those durned beater attachments, and I could nearly come unglued! They are a threat and menace to society UNTIL … you cage that rascal in a basket! That tip alone is libel to save SOMEBODY from death by mixer cord.

Once you’ve tamed THAT beast, you’ll be ready for these other KITCHEN ORGANIZATION TIPS that can have your apartment kitchen well-ordered and safe for all your culinary adventures!

How about you? What are your tips for an organized apartment kitchen? Post them here for your Lincoln Trinity Bluff neighbors to read!

Jan 11


We want to wish all our residents a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.  ~Oprah Winfrey

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