Feb 11

Golf Expo – 2011

Yes! It IS that time again! The Annual North Texas Golf Expo and it promises to be better than ever this year!

Mark your calendars for March 18- 20th for your weekend of all-things-GOLF! At this event, you’ll have your fill of golf tips, great entertainment, terrific food and plenty of experts on hand to show you some great tips for improving your swing.

And when you purchase an adult or senior ticket for the Expo on-line, you’ll receive a cart-load of great stuff!

• 2 FREE Rounds of Golf
• 12 Month TopGolf Membership with 6 FREE games ($35 value)
• FREE 30 min. Swing Analysis from Hank Haney Golf
• Golfsmith $10 Gift Card
• Certificate for FREE Carbite B-3X Blade Style Putter ($80 value, s&h not included)
• $20 off a golfONE Rewards Membership (when purchased at the expo)
• FREE issue of “Golfing Nevada” Magazine

Buy your tickets online today!

Feb 11

3 Broadways Shows in Fort Worth That You Must See

the bass performance hallFor a taste of Broadway in Fort Worth, look no further than the shows coming up this Spring at the Bass Performance Hall.

Not only is The Bass one of the most amazing venues in the DFW, but opening the doors to performances of A Chorus Line, Beauty and The Beast and 9 To 5 means that the citizens of Fort Worth get to enjoy Broadway practically in their own back yard!

Nationally acclaimed A Chorus Line plays March 29 – April 3. Enjoy all the majesty and splendor of the award winning musical in true Broadway style. On its heels, live and on stage is Beauty and The Beast playing April 19-24. This endearing story is full of amazing music, love and a feel good ending that’s magical no matter how many times you see it. Round out the month of July with Dolly Parton’s 9 To 5 complete with music she’s written just for the musical version.

Pick one or all of the shows for a wonderful Broadway experience right here at home in Fort Worth! Buy your tickets online today!

Feb 11

The Best of Country Music Close to Home

Enjoy the best of country music and MORE at Billy Bob’s Texas just minutes from Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartments!

With a star-studded line-up shinier than you’re Billy Bob’s belt buckle, you’ll have plenty of entertainment close to home this Spring. The March and April Country Music Calendar boasts names like Loretta Lynn, Randy Travis, Stoney LaRue, George Thorogood and more, leaving country music lovers to wonder, does it get any better in Fort Worth?

Tickets are on sale now! Contact Billy Bob’s and round up your neighbors here at Lincoln Trinity Bluff for some awesome country music this Spring!

Feb 11

Go Green When You Clean

eco friendly tree iconThere are few things in life more satisfying than a deep clean at springtime! When your apartment shines, all feels right with the world, yes?

Add to that, achieving a clean that’s friendly to the environment and you have a total warm fuzzy feeling that even Mother Nature shares!

You can easily make your own green cleaning products with ingredients you probably already have in your apartment OR you could pamper yourself instead and have someone else clean your apartment the GREEN way!

Locally owned and operated, Green Generations Cleaning Service has been in service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for years and is committed to cleaning homes and offices the eco-friendly way, WITHOUT harmful chemicals and bleach.

Enjoy a GREEN clean in your apartment home! Schedule your appointment by calling 817-829-2053.

Feb 11

What Do You Want To Say To YOUR Valentine?

roses in many colorsBefore you order roses for your love on Valentine’s Day, consider the meaning of the colors. While there are some discrepancies about the meanings, generally, they go like this:

Deep, rich RED means baby, I LOVE you!

Pure WHITE or IVORY means I have pure intentions OR you are worthy.

Light PINK says, you’re my delicate flower.

Medium PINK says I admire you.

Dark PINK means I’m grateful that we share our lives or simply, thank you.

YELLOW says I love our friendship.

ORANGE means you fascinate me.

CORAL says, I find you quite desirable.

A LAVENDAR rose says, darlin’ – you are hot and I want you, honey!

Call Chic Fleur de’Cor to order your Valentine’s Day arrangement at 817-703-8862. They’re less than 8 miles up on Trinity Campus Circle and they deliver!

Feb 11

Help Fight Hunger Right Here In Fort Worth

get rid of hungerAccording to the Census Bureau, in 2009, there were more than 40 million people living at or below the poverty level in the USA. The statistics included youth, seniors, the employed as well as unemployed, households headed by a single parent and those with both parents present. Kids went hungry on a frequent basis. It goes without saying, poverty doesn’t pick favorites.

“Household food insecurity” in Texas in ’09 was reported at a HIGHER instance than the national average.* Food Stamps were helpful to many, but the maximum amount any one individual can collect each month is $200. That’s a paltry $2.22 per meal per day! Take The Food Stamp Challenge to see just how well you’d do with that budget. It’s quite the wake-up.

The North Texas Food Bank is quick to remind us that any number of unexpected events can take a family straight into financial ruin. Illness or injury, an accident or even natural disaster can wipe out family savings and leave a family with nothing. Lack of education can be a factor for some along with low wages. But no matter what brings a family to the point of needing help, reaching out to our Fort Worth neighbors to eliminate hunger in our area is just the right thing to do.

Can you make a donation this month? The North Texas Food Bank takes financial donations, food and time! Make a contribution knowing that your gift can make the difference to a family in our community!

*U.S. Census Bureau.Carmen DeNavas-Walt, B. Proctor, C. Lee. Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2007.

Feb 11

Find The Lowest Gas Prices Near Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments

gas pumpSaving money at the gas pump is becoming more challenging by the day! As gas prices continue to rise, commuters wring their hands and sweat the condition of their automobile budget. How far can the prices rise and where can you get the best deal in town?

Before you even walk through the door of your Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartment, stop at your computer and log onto GasBuddy is a terrific online resource for finding the best prices for gas right here in our Fort Worth community. For the lowest prices, just type in our zip code (or the zip of your destination) for a listing of where to find the lowest gasoline.

GasBuddy is consumer driven so when you join, you can add your recent finds to the list. AND you also will have opportunities to win free gas! How cool is that?

How about you? Where do you find your best gas prices in the Lincoln Trinity Bluff area? Post it right here by clicking the comment button.

Feb 11

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subscribe, facebook, twitterWe’ve made connecting with us On-Line EASY for residents!

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Staying connected to Lincoln Trinity Bluff online is easy and fun! All you have to do to Subscribe, Like and Follow is click on the icon to the right!

Go ahead! You’re just 3 steps away from being totally connected to your apartment community!

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