Mar 12

Spring Break Getaways From DFW Airport


The DFW Airport is just 30 minutes away from your Fort Worth apartment.

Anyone with a Fort Worth apartment can tell you that Fort Worth is a truly amazing place to live.  Still, there are times when everyone just needs to get away and enjoy an escape, and oftentimes spring break is one of those occasions.

Thankfully Fort Worth is not only in a great location for everyday life, but also for travel.  The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is just 30 minutes away from Lincoln Trinity Bluff and boasts major airlines to take you away to somewhere new.  Check out some of these perfect spring break getaways.

Lounging on Mexico’s Beaches

Because of its great proximity to Mexico, hopping on a short flight from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Cabo San Lucas or another similarly exotic destination is exceedingly simple.  The weather is relatively similar to what you find around your Fort Worth apartment, but culturally, it is a different experience entirely.  Travelers during peak times will likely encounter many traditional spring break activities.

Skiing Jackson Hole’s Slopes

For those looking for a different sort of spring break getaway, why not try out some colder weather and hit the ski slopes?  Jackson Hole in Wyoming is the perfect winter sports getaway, and it is a great place to get a taste of a different part of the U.S.

Find a great Fort Worth apartment at Lincoln Trinity Bluff and see for yourself all of the cool places you can travel easily.

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Mar 12

3 Places In Fort Worth To Meet New People


New in town? Meet your neighbors at Billy Bob's Texas.

Fort Worth is a great place to live, primarily because there is always something going on.  Get out of your Fort Worth apartment and meet new people while exploring all that the city has to offer when you check out the following three places.

  1. Heading to Billy Bob’s Texas is always fun, thanks to the great live music and a number of other events.  It is also a great spot to meet new people who like to have fun.
  2. LoneStar Sports and Social Club hosts a variety of leagues that bring people together for some good-natured competition.
  3. Stopping in to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth may not seem like a great way to meet new people, but it really is.  There is plenty to talk about and lots of people head here on their own already.

As you can, see there is no shortage of places to meet new people in Fort Worth.  Find a Fort Worth apartment of your own and start seeing all that this great city has to offer as you explore and meet new people.  Check out luxury living in Fort Worth at Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

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Mar 12

Challenge Your Pals At DFW Paintball Courses


Head outside the spring to run, duck and shoot paintballs.

Paintball is a fast-paced way to spend a spring afternoon.  Grab some friends and family and head out to a paintball course near your Fort Worth apartment for some fun!  There are several paintball courses in the vicinity of your Fort Worth apartment.

  • Ellen’s Amusement Center in Cedar Hill includes mini golf as well as paintball.  The Jagged Edge paintball course comes with a large open area, speedball courses that have bunkers to hide behind and trenches to climb in.  A short drive from your Fort Worth apartment, this center is fun for paintball enthusiasts.
  • Fun On The Run is conveniently located near your Fort Worth apartment on Roberts Cut Off Road.  The park is chock full of playing fields for day, as well as an exciting field for nighttime paintball that lights up!  They also hold special events and competitions.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert paintballer, there is a course for you.
  • Gat Splat is an indoor paintball course located in Lewisville.  This course is a popular party venue for kids.  This is a great place for kids or beginners because you can use smaller paintball guns.

Where do you like to get paint splattered in the metroplex?

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Mar 12

Top Cleaning Services For Your Fort Worth Apartment


Keep you Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartment shining with professional cleaning services.

You’re busy.  Really busy.  The last thing you want to do is come home and clean your house.  Luckily for you, someone else can.

Call a cleaning service to come clean your Fort Worth apartment and have one less stress to deal with.  There are several great services available in the city that can spring clean your apartment for you.

  • Merry Maids has been around since 1979 and is a reputable cleaning company.  They also use products that aren’t bad for the environment and are considered “green.”  There’s a Merry Maids location near your Fort Worth apartment that will be glad to service you and your cleaning needs.
  • MaidPro is a local cleaning service that will make your Fort Worth apartment shine.  They are not a chain, and they are committed to providing excellent, personalized service.  They use professional products and they also have a guarantee that states if you aren’t happy with something, they will come and clean it again for no charge.
  • The Maids are ready to give your Fort Worth apartment a great cleaning.  This local cleaning service has been cleaning homes in Fort Worth for 30 years.  They can also help with special projects such as appliance cleaning and window cleaning.

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Mar 12

Celebrate Spring At Fort Worth Festivals


The Scarborough Renaissance Festival comes up soon near Fort Worth!

The weather is getting sunnier, and you’re itching to get outside.  Heading to a festival is the perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon.  A fabulous festival is worth leaving your Fort Worth apartment for.

  • Main Street Arts Festival is really fun for art and music lovers, April 19-22.  Stroll through the streets of downtown while you look at art, eat delicious snacks, enjoy some live music, and check out crafts.  There’s a whole area for kids, and it’s free admission to enjoy the festival.
  • Mayfest is a part of springtime every year for Fort Worth residents, May 3-6.  Close to your Fort Worth apartment, the Trinity River is the site of this annual festival.  There are rides, lots of artists and crafts, live music, and plenty of food to enjoy.
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival may be a quick drive from your Fort Worth apartment, but it is the must-see festival in Fort Worth in the springtime, April 7-May 28.   Eat medieval-style food, watch hilarious shows and look at people dressed in medieval garb.   The festival is a blast for people of all ages, and there is some neat stuff for sale such as art, costumes, crafts, and jewelry.   What’s your favorite spring festival?

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Mar 12

Spring Clean Your Car With Oil Changes Around Fort Worth


You can always find a Jiffy Lube in Fort Worth for quick oil changes.

When you’re living in Fort Worth, Texas, there are many options to get an oil change.  You can choose a place based on what will be closest to your Fort Worth apartment because there are many lube places that are conveniently located in the city.

  • Cityview Car Wash & Oil Change is a popular and centrally-located place to get everything done at one time.  Drive into the convenient oil change bay, where you won’t even have to get out of the car to get a quick and easy oil change.  Then, head over to the car wash and get your freshly-serviced car washed and dried.  Located on Bryant Irvin right next to I-20, Cityview is just minutes from your Fort Worth apartment.
  • Flagship Car Wash & Lube Center is located right down the street from the Texas Christian University campus.  Conveniently placed right next to the shops at University Park Village and very close to your Fort Worth apartment, Flagship is an easy way to get your oil changed while you’re out shopping.
  • Jiffy Lube is the always reliable lube shop located near your Fort Worth apartment.  There are several locations in Fort Worth that are easy to get to.

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