Sep 12

Tips For Organizing Your Fort Worth Kitchen Pantry

organizing tips for pantry

Use these organizing tips for your over-sized kitchen pantry.

When you live in an apartment in Fort Worth with over-sized kitchen pantry, things can get cluttered and out of control.  To keep your pantry neat and organized so you can find what you need without having to search, here are a few suggestions.

First you will need to go through your entire pantry and get rid of anything that’s expired or that you no longer have a need for.  This will clear up some space.  For added space, removing any excess packaging before restocking your pantry to add even more space.

Make sure everything in the pantry is together by category to make things easier.  Put spices together, put canned veggies together and put cereals together.  Label shelves for easy reminders on where stuff goes.

Lastly, buy some organizers to put things in for easy access, such as rotating carousels for spices and bins for smaller items like little snacks or packages of food.  Check The Container Store for organizers to keep your pantry neat.

Make sure and only store things in your pantry that you will use or eat!  Don’t waste precious space.

If you’d love a pantry and other luxury amenities in Fort Worth, rent an apartment with your own pantry at Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

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Sep 12

Ghost Tours Of Fort Worth’s Haunted Spots

ghost tours in fort worth

Learn about Fort Worth's haunted past on these Halloween season ghost tours.

Your apartment in Fort Worth may not be haunted, but there are some spots in the city that are.  Well, they are rumored to be haunted, anyway.  Find out for yourself on one of these ghost tours in the city, just in time for Halloween.

Fort Worth Ghost Tours hosts tours at the Stockyards, as well as local cemeteries.  Check out some ghosts in Cowtown on one of these spooky tours!  Tours are led by a professional paranormal investigator!

Hop over to Arlington for a tour sponsored by Fort Worth Spirit & Paranormal Adventures.  They promise a long, interesting look at history and ghosts on the Screaming Bridge and inside the Calloway Cemetery.

Austin Ghost Tours will take you through Miss Molly’s Hotel in Fort Worth for a haunting experience.  This hotel is rumored to be haunted by several ghosts that have been seen by guests.  Book a spot on the Austin Ghost Tours trolley to see lots of haunted places in the city.

Have you ever been on a Ghost Tour?  Did you know Cowtown was haunted?

If you’re thinking about moving to an (non-haunted, of course) apartment in Fort Worth, contact Lincoln Trinity Bluff for details.

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Sep 12

Creative Ways To Support Breast Cancer Research In DFW

breast cancer awareness in fort worth

Get your pink bracelet at Freda's Fancy to support the cause.

If you want to contribute your time or money to support breast cancer but you aren’t sure how, there are plenty of ways to get involved near your luxury apartment near downtown Fort Worth.  Here are a few ways you can help the cure during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Buy a pink bracelet at Freda’s, and they will donate some of the profits to Susan G. Komen.  Buy it during September and 25 percent benefits the cause.

You can also head to Fantastic Sams in Grapevine during October for some pink hair extensions!  They will donate the $10 for the extensions to Susan G. Komen.

Another way to help is to donate a used vehicle you don’t need anymore, such as a car, boat or recreational vehicle to Komen Cars.  This is a great way to help the cause and get rid of an unwanted vehicle.

How will you help breast cancer awareness this year?

To rent a new luxury apartment near downtown Fort Worth to be closer to helping local charities, contact Lincoln Trinity Bluff today.

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Sep 12

Drink Up At These Fort Worth Pubs And Breweries

Rahr & Sons

Tour Rahr & Sons and sample their Oktoberfest Lager!

If you love beer and you want to celebrate Drink Beer Day in Fort Worth (it’s real, on September 28), here is a guide to a few spots you won’t want to miss for great beer selection and local brews.  Enjoy a cold, frosty mug of beer on this special day and drink a toast to Fort Worth while you’re at it!

Stop by The Ginger Man and try some local beers on draft.  This old-fashioned pub celebrates beer every day, so it’s the perfect place to be on Drink Beer Day.

Have some locally brewed beer at Malone’s Pub, a little pub that loves beer.  Check out the patio and casual atmosphere of this neighborhood bar.

Rahr & Sons Brewing Company is loved by locals.  To celebrate Drink Beer Day, stop by for a tour of the brewery and some free beer samples, of course, where you can sample their seasonal Oktoberfest Celebration Lager now.  Purchase some of this local beer to take home with you on this special day.

What’s your favorite Fort Worth or Texas brewed beer?  Will you drink a beer near your apartment in Fort Worth on Drink Beer Day?

Rent an apartment at Lincoln Trinity Bluff to be close to cool downtown beer pubs.

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Sep 12

Fort Worth Art And Music Festivals To Fall For

Fort Worth Day in the District

Get free admission to Fort Worth museums like the Kimbell during a Day in the District.

There is so much culture in Fort Worth, it’s fortunate for people that live in a luxury apartment near downtown Fort Worth because they are close to all of the excitement.  Here are a few upcoming events that will hit the spot if you’re a music and art junkie!

Maybe you never go to the museums because of the expense, and if that’s the case, don’t miss Day in the District on September 22.  You’ll be able to attend nine city attractions in the arts district for free that day, including museums, galleries and gardens.

Music fans love the Fort Worth Music Festival, and this year’s event September 28-29 will be fabulous.  Come hear Kevin Eubanks, Reverend Horton Heat and Dr. Dog perform while you take in great art and eat fabulous food!

Locals love the ArtsGoggle, so get ready to participate in the next event, happening this fall.  On October 13, art lovers will be able to attend this gallery crawl through the art galleries of Fort Worth and see all of the exhibits for free!  There’s also music and food, so don’t miss it.

Looking to be closer to culture?  Contact Lincoln Trinity Bluff for a great downtown apartment.

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Sep 12

Affordable Utilities With Lincoln Property Connect

Lincoln Trinity Bluff

Set up your apartment all at one place with Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

Trying to afford rent and utilities at an apartment in Fort Worth can be prohibitive if you don’t have some way to find a discount. With Lincoln Trinity Bluff, you can take advantage of Lincoln Property Connect to save on services, making living more affordable.

Powered by WhiteFenceLincoln Property Connect is a great resource to find participating partners offering deep discounts to Lincoln Property residents.  For example, save on the cost of energy by using Green Mountain Energy, with great rates solely for Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

For your security, work with ADT or FrontPoint security services and eRenterPlan for renter’s insurance to keep yourself and your property protected at all times in all circumstances.  Choose from a list of movers who offer discounts to new residents of Lincoln properties, and check out ways to rent furniture or a washer and dryer for better convenience and lower cost to get your apartment set up.

Aside from savings, there are obviously many reasons to take advantage of Lincoln Property Connect.  At an apartment in Fort Worth like Lincoln Trinity Bluff, you have all the comfort and convenience without the added cost with service bundles and recommended providers.

Sep 12

Improve Your Diet With Fort Worth Nutritionists

nutritionists in fort worth

Check out nutritionists that can tweak your diet for health and weight loss.

If you moved into a luxury apartment in Fort Worth with athletic center specifically to help yourself get in shape, you’ve taken the first step to healthy living.  Take advantage of Self Improvement Month in September to take the next, and find a nutritionist or service to help get your diet in order.

Whether you have a particular issue like weight management or diabetes, or you are looking for nutritional coaching and help with healthy shopping and education, you can look to DietGenics Nutrition Consulting, which offers all of the above.  Best of all, in many cases, insurance is accepted to help pay the costs of good health.

First Hand Nutrition also assists with all manner of diet and nutrition counseling.  They treat dietary recklessness as an epidemic and seek to solve the issue on a personal basis.  These experts combine bedside manner with scientific knowledge to set your diet straight.

You can also check into nutrition counseling and services with Nutriworks and the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital.

Taking care of yourself is essential to living a healthy, happy life, and that’s the theme of Self Improvement Month.  Now that you’re in a luxury apartment in Fort Worth with fitness center, go yourself a favor and look into diet and nutrition, as well.

If you’re looking for an apartment near downtown Fort Worth with luxury amenities for your active lifestyle, check out Lincoln Trinity Bluff today.

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Sep 12

Let These DFW Pros Unpack And Organize Your Apartment

Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartments

Keep your Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartment looking great with these organizing experts.

One of the hazards of living in a luxury apartment in Fort Worth with over-sized closets is the tendency to simply stuff things on shelves behind closed doors.  However, consider the message sent in September by Self-Improvement Month, and take this opportunity to organize with the help of professional organizational services near you.

Clutterbusters is another great alternative, bringing in a team to help you determine the best organizational skills to keep your life in line with one-on-one counseling and assistance.  This national franchise offers local services in Fort Worth, which includes an initial phone call, shopping for organization supplies, hands-on help, and even a program to help you maintain organization.

Organizing with a Side of Fabulous can also help you get a handle on things with home organizing.  Melinda will help you simplify and find a system that works for you and can better your life.  Her tips have even been featured in magazines like Shape and Woman’s Day.

Just moving to Fort Worth?  Let someone else direct the unpacking and sorting with organization pros like Kathryn Black and Ashley Easley.  Black’s Simply Sorted can also organize your kitchen, storage areas or home office, and Easley’s MasterPeace Solutions also offers bedroom and closet organization and time management strategies.  Both are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

Sometimes, it’s too much to do on your own, and with the kind of space you have for clutter in a luxury apartment in Fort Worth with over-sized closets, you’ll need professional help.  Call an organizing service, and get motivated.

Try these five tips to enhance your spacious Fort Worth apartment, too!

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