Oct 12

Fort Worth Stores For Techies

electronics in Fort Worth

Shop electronics in Fort Worth at these stores.

When it’s time for a new laptop, you’ll need to head out to a store that has a wide range of electronics in Fort Worth.  After all, you never know what other toys you’ll want to pick up while you’re out.  Luckily Fort Worth has several options nearby.

  • Fry’s Electronics is a national chain that has all the goodies you’re looking for.  From laptops to games to sound systems, you can find a large selection and all the accessories you need.  They also have expert employees who can help you decide which computer is right for you.
  • Tuesday Morning is a bargain chain with several locations in Fort Worth.  Because they don’t exclusively sell electronics, you will have to search through some merchandise and and you many not have a huge selection.  However, if you’re just looking for a basic laptop at a great price, then they might be the store for you.
  • Best Buy is one of the most well known stores in the U.S. and has a huge range of electronics.Their Geek Squad can even help with repairs.
  • Apple is located at University Park Village where you can find the slimmest, lightest and latest laptops and gadgets.

No matter what type of laptop you’re looking for, you can find it at a store near Fort Worth.

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Oct 12

Fort Worth Attractions For Out-Of-Towners

Fort Worth attractions

Give your guests a dose of Cowtown at these Fort Worth attractions.

If you have visitors coming from out of town to stay at your apartment near Sundance Square, there are plenty of things to do and see in the area.  Give your guests a taste of what is so great about Cowtown with a few of the highlights of this amazing city.

Start with Sundance Square itself.  It’s the coolest, trendiest part of downtown Fort Worth and is filled with delicious restaurants, nightclubs, shops and even Bass Hall, a gorgeous venue where you can catch a show or play.  Park and walk around the Square to see it all.

Move on to the Stockyards for the ultimate Texas experience.  Grab a drink and watch some bullriding at Billy Bob’s, the country’s biggest honky tonk.  Buy some boots and other western wear in one of the shops, and have some Texas BBQ while you’re in the right place for it.

Hit the arts district next to visit some amazing local museums like the Kimbell, Modern Art Museum or the Fort Worth Science Museum.  Take a break at the Botanical Gardens or nearby Trinity Park.

What’s your favorite Fort Worth spot?

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Oct 12

Funky Finds From Fort Worth Artists

Fort Worth Funky Finds

Shop unique gifts at Fort Worth’s Funky Finds.

There’s nothing as satisfying as getting done with holiday shopping months in advance.  Get started now and fill the closets in your luxury apartment near downtown Fort Worth with fabulous gifts from Funky Finds.

What is Funky Finds?  It’s a really cool arts and crafts show that will be happening in Fort Worth.

Funky Finds will be held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center on Nov. 10 and 11.  There will be tons of artists and vendors selling handmade items such as artwork, candles, bath and body items, clothing, food, and pottery.  There will be things for kids and pets, too.

Get some one-of-a-kind gifts for the family and friends on your holiday list this year.  There will also be pet adoptions and a raffle to benefit local charities, so make plans to attend Funky Finds this year and have a great time as well as pick up some fabulous, unique holiday gifts.

Remember to do your good deeds and bring donations to this charitable event, too.  Your raffle tickets benefit Toys For Tots and the Humane Society of North Texas, you can also bring toys and pet food to donate to local organizations.

Have you ever been to an arts and crafts show before?  Did you buy some amazing and interesting gifts?

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Oct 12

See The Lone Star Film Festival In Sundance Square

Lone Star Film Festival

See the Lone Star Film Festival at venues like the AMC Palace Theatre.

If you’re a movie buff and you live in an apartment near Sundance Square, you have no reason to miss the Lone Star Film Festival!  This festival takes place Nov. 7-11 and is a delight for film lovers all over the Metroplex.

See screenings of films created by new, emerging filmmakers and enjoy red carpet entrances by stars, lots of celebrity sightings and fun parties at some of Fort Worth’s coolest venues such as the Modern, Kimbell and the AMC Palace Theatre.

Lots of noted past films first screened at the Lone Star Film Festival, so don’t miss your chance to see a future Oscar winner in Fort Worth!  You’ll get to see documentaries, shorts, animated movies, as well as other films from all genres.  Check out the 2012 Lone Star Film Festival lineup at

This event is put on by the Lone Star Film Society, and promises to be a treat for everyone that loves movies in Fort Worth.  Have you ever been to this or any other local film festival?  What did you think?

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Oct 12

See Vintage Aircraft At Fort Worth Museums

aviation museums near Fort Worth

See amazing displays of aircraft at these aviation museums near Fort Worth.

Do you enjoy learning about aviation?  Well, this is the month for you, because it’s Aviation History Month.  Head out to some museums close to your luxury apartment in Uptown Fort Worth to learn a little bit more about the history of aviation and celebrate this special time in our historical past.

Check out the C.R. Smith Museum, which is offering a special exhibit right now called “Black Wings, American Dreams of Flight.”  It’s about African American pilots and all that they accomplished.  Other exhibits to see at this museum are a Flightlab that simulates flight and talks about how airplanes actually fly, and a wall of historical facts and souvenirs.

Head over to the Vintage Flying Museum, which is located at Meacham Airport in Fort Worth.  This museum contains some amazing vintage airplanes including very rare aircraft.  They also have a lot of WWII memorabilia, and a cool model exhibit, as well as a gift shop.

How are you going to celebrate the history of flight during Aviation History Month?

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Oct 12

Best Fort Worth Restaurants For Business Lunches

Reata Fort Worth

Try the Reata for your next business lunch.

If you’re meeting a client for a business lunch, there are plenty of amazing places to meet close to your luxury apartment near downtown Fort Worth.  Have a delicious meal and impress your boss or client with your wonderful taste at one of these impressive restaurants, as awarded by OpenTable as best business bites.

Buttons is not only a great restaurant, but a live music venue, as well.  Tasty Southern cooking combined with live blues, jazz and other types of music create a one-of-a-kind experience that will make any business lunch memorable and relaxing.

Cast Iron Restaurant is truly Texan, and the menu offers items like Fried Green Tomatoes and Blackened Shrimp to prove it.  This upscale restaurant inside the Omni Hotel is a great place to have a business meal.  The atmosphere is comfortable and intimate, and the food is delicious.

Reata is without a doubt one of the most well-loved restaurants in Fort Worth.  Though the decor and menu are Southern, the atmosphere is upscale and elegant.  The menu is five -tar, and the service is excellent.  If your business contact has never eaten at Reata, they will wonder why after this visit.  It’s also a top rooftop restaurant in town.

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Oct 12

Luxury Services For Your Pet At Cowtown Canines

Cowtown Canines

Get your pup groomed for the holidays ahead with Cowtown Canines.

Taking care of your furry roommate in your pet-friendly apartment near Trinity Trails involves more than just feeding, walking and bathing him.  Pampering your pet can help your pet feel loved, and services like ear cleaning simply makes their lives more comfortable and happy.  Here are some services that Cowtown Canines offers that your pet will ensure your pet is getting the best care.

Cowtown Canines offers “Primp your Pup” spa services for pets such as bathing, manicures and eye and ear cleaning.  They also offer teeth cleaning, flea control application and an anal gland expression, which some pets need regularly.

Cowtown Canines is also a boarding and daycare facility that helps dogs with self esteem and socialization, as well as weight loss camps.  They offer all kinds of services from the spa variety to the socializing and health services they offer.  Contact them to see what their rates are and make an appointment to pamper your pet!

They are also a great and loving option if you are going out of town and need pet care.  Have you ever been to Cowtown Canines or taken your dog to a spa?

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Oct 12

Fall Menus At Fort Worth Restaurants

seasonal menus in fort worth

Del Frisco's is the perfect pick for fall flavors like fig cocktails.

What’s neat about the seasons changing is that restaurants often offer different and unique dishes from season to season. Check out some local favorites and what they are offering for the fall season this year.

Del Frisco’s is a notable steakhouse not far from your luxury apartment in Uptown Fort Worth.  You’ll love their fall offerings which include a Scottish Fig cocktail, Brussel Sprout Leaves and, for dessert, a Peach Frangipane Tart.

Pei Wei‘s new dish for fall will be released on October 8, and it’s called Sriracha Chicken.  Don’t miss trying this tasty fall dish!  They also offer combo meals right now with a side, as well as a main dish.

Cracker Barrel is a fun place to eat breakfast and other foods, too.  It’s a down-home, home-cooking atmosphere and tasty food.  For fall, Cracker Barrel is rolling out Apple Streusel French Toast for breakfast, Apple Cider Pork Roast and Broccoli Cheddar Chicken for dinner and Pumpkin Custard with Gingersnaps for dessert.

You can find seasonal dishes at farm-to-table restaurants in Fort Worth, too.  Beer drinkers will definitely want to try seasonal beers at Fort Worth breweries, like Oktoberfest Celebration Lager from Rahr & Sons.

What’s your favorite fall dish to eat when it starts to get chilly outside?

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Image courtesy of Del Frisco’s.

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