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The Forth Worth Museum: Local History at Your Fingertips

The Fort Worth Museum: Local History at Your Fingertips

Refresh your knowledge of local history at “150 Years of Fort Worth.”

A unique place to learn about the fascinating history of Cowtown, The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History offers tons of interactive exhibitions like  “150 Years of Fort Worth”. What once was a wild outpost of the frontier is detailed in this fun exhibit only minutes away from Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments.

Fort Worth was once one of the most well known cattle towns of the Old West. This history is documented and recreated for you to come and experience at The Fort Worth Museum.

Opened in 1945, the Fort Worth Museum has been a place for children of the area to study exhibits pertaining to Texas culture and geography as well as actively learn about the natural history and significance of Fort Worth in particular. This commemorative exhibit showcases the origins of Forth Worth and features pictures, videos, artifacts and even a scale model of the original town of Forth Worth as it looked in 1849, when the year the city was founded.

Take a picture on a bucking bronco or with Fort Worth’s namesake Major General William Jenkin’s uniform and writing desk, all of which is housed in the old Fire Station No. 1 building, a site which once served as the town’s city hall.

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Find Vintage Vinyl Records at Ernest Tubb Record Store

Find Vintage Vinyl Records at Ernest Tubb Record Store

Shop for vintage vinyl records at Ernest Tubb Record Store.

If you are a country music connoisseur, then shopping in Fort Worth for you is a whole lot easier at Ernest Tubb Record Store.  Located at 140 E Exchange Ave in Fort Worth, you are at ground zero for the best music on vinyl at Ernest Tubb music store, which has served multiple generations of Fort Worth residents.

In fact, for close to sixty years, country music purists have been loyal patrons of this local record store founded by country music legend Ernest Tubb.

And, many of your fellow residents at Lincoln Trinity Bluff have probably frequented this highly popular country music store which is famous for carrying the latest in country music records, song books, CDs, memorabilia and even videos.

Just entering the record store when you are shopping in Fort Worth is well worth the trip.  With all of its historical ambiance that is generated by musical items, artifacts and musical items, Ernest Tubb Record Store is a fun locale to shop, explore and frequent throughout the year.

If you are interested in a certain vintage vinyl record that you have been searching for, call them at: (817) 624-8449, and more than likely you will have success!

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Give Your Holiday Decorations a Texas Twist!

If you’re trying to think of some fun holiday decorating ideas for your Fort Worth apartment, there’s no inspiration like the great state of Texas.  Using decorations that celebrate your locale will be fun to put together, and they’re fun to look at!

Cowboy snowman

Add some Texas styled holiday decorations to your place!

Chili peppers are festive in any season, and since they’re red and green, they make good decor.  They also make great lights for your balcony or tree.  Chili pepper lights can be purchased at retailers such as Target.   You can also buy real red chili peppers, either fresh or dried, and tie them onto a wreath with thread.  Your front door will look both seasonal and inviting.

Instead of stockings, why not use cowboy boots? Since they’re heavy, they’d do better on the floor.   They make convenient, free-standing stockings.

The Southwestern tradition of lighting luminarias is a lovely way to warm up your balcony or mantle.  Simply put an electric tea light (available at party stores and safer than using real lit tea lights) on some gravel or sand inside a small paper bag.

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Green Living Tips: Cleaning Supplies


Green Living Tips: Cleaning Supplies

Safeguard the environment with a green cleaner like peroxide.

Green living is a way of life that conserves natural resources.  Going green is not only beneficial to the environment, but it can also save you money.

You can start your journey to green living by the way you clean your apartment.  Eliminate conventional cleaners with harsh chemicals and high price tags.  Green cleaning supplies can tackle multiple tough jobs and can be as simple as a product like hydrogen peroxide.

  • Toilet Bowl– Disinfect and remove scum simply by pouring some hydrogen peroxide into your toilet bowl.  Let it sit for approximately thirty minutes before scrubbing clean.
  • Cutting Board– It’s important to clean cutting boards properly to prevent spreading bacteria to other foods.  Mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar to give your cutting board a thorough clean.
  • Refrigerator– Hydrogen peroxide is safe to use around food making it he perfect cleaner for the walls, shelves, and drawers or your fridge.
  • Counter tops– Keep your counter tops squeaky clean at all times by keeping a spray bottle full of hydrogen peroxide nearby.  Spray it on counter tops and let sit for about five minutes before wiping clean.

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Cowtown Diner: Traditional Diner Cuisine Fused With Country Atmosphere

Cowtown Diner: Traditional Diner Cuisine Fused with Country Atmosphere

Slow down with a memorable meal at Cowtown Diner.

Living at Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartment community offers you certain perks that other DFW residents don’t have. One of them is that you are close to many great restaurants in the Fort Worth, TX area. And, one of the top places to visit for a great meal that has a distinctive country flair is the Cowtown Diner.

The Cowtown Diner is a top spot in town for traditional diner dishes that have an unmistakable Southern style. The restaurant has recently been taken over by a new owner and has a great new menu. The building has a great welcoming and family friendly atmosphere that gives it the feel of a country lodge house. There is an indoor dining area as well as a lovely patio section for patrons who want to eat outside.

The food is delicious, and some of the specialties you can enjoy include chicken fried steak. If you are interested in hosting a great party, Cowtown has a private party room that you will find much to your liking. Order tons of food and drink and enjoy yourself!

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Promote Laundry Savings, Be Kind to the Environment

Promote Laundry Savings, Be Kind to the Environment

Stay eco-savvy in the laundry room by noting a few of these tips.

In today’s tough economy, everyone is looking for more ways to save money.  The laundry room may be the last place to look when it comes to savings; however, a few practices can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint in your Fort Worth apartment.  Be kind to the environment and follow these laundry savings tips:

  • Cold Water– Use cold water yo wash your clothes instead of hot.  Your washing machine uses about eighty five percent more energy just to heat the water on a hot water cycle.  Switch to cold water detergents for optimum results.
  • Full Loads– Wait until you have a full loads before you do your laundry. You can save water by washing smaller loads, but not energy.  It takes the same amount of energy to power the machine no matter if the load is big or small.  Full loads also mean you won’t have to do laundry as often.
  • Drying– Consider alternatives to using a conventional dryer.  Use a drying rack or a clothes line to dry your clothing.  You will save a ton of energy each load you let dry naturally.

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Sundance Square: An Easy Walk From Lincoln Trinity Bluff

Sundance Square: An Easy Walk from Lincoln Trinity Bluff

Sundance Square is a fun locale to tour and explore in Cowtown.

You know that you are living in the center of the most happening place in Fort Worth when you step out of your door at the Lincoln Trinity Bluff apartments. This is because you are within walking distance of what has to be the total shopping, dining and entertainment experience in the heart of Cowtown at Sundance Square.

Located at 401 Calhoun Street, you literally have dozens of selections of the best restaurants and mouthwatering cuisine that you can ever want to have. You can have a quick tasty treat at Starbucks with a friend, or stop over at Mi Cocina, Oliver’s Fine Foods or the ever popular Yumilicious Frozen Yogurt!

Shopping at the Sundance Square is an exciting experience, as well, and you will be dazzled by the selection of stores that include boutiques, clothing stores and local shops. Shoppers will also come across Barnes & Nobles, Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop and crafts stores like Earth Bones.

Of course, entertainment is one of the big time draws at Sundance Square with the terrific selections at teh Bass Performance Hall, the Satellite Exhibit located in Fire Station No. l, or enjoy great movies at AMC Palace 9 Theater!

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Take Care of Your Outdoor Apartment Space Before Winter Hits

Take Care of Your Outdoor Apartment Space before Winter Hits

Prepare for winter by noting a few of these apartment winterizing tips.

While it may be really sad to realize, the fact is that our outdoor apartment space just can’t be used in the same during the colder months. There are plenty of things you should do to take care of the outdoor space in the apartment before winter hits; remember these!

Cushions: You need to clean up your cushions. Your cushions on outdoor furniture get and keep so much gunk all season long that cleaning them off only after the warm months may make you want to keep after them more often. Scrub these things down though before you put them in storage.

Rust: If you have aluminum or metal on your deck, you should protect these accessories from rust. Whatever it is you need to do, including moving these pieces indoors, is suggested so that they’re not all rusted out this spring.

Grill: Your grill is another area that needs to be cleaned and stored away. If you have a gas grill, you should also carefully dissemble the gas tank and stow that away where it’s going to be safe. Make sure the nozzle is fully closed before you bring it indoors.

Your Fort Worth apartment‘s patio furniture will be fine so long as you remember these tips when the mercury starts to drop!

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