Jan 13

Stay Safe On St. Patrick’s Day with Driven DFW

Stay Safe On St. Patrick's Day with Driven DFW

Instead of hailing a taxi, get around town with Drive DFW.

Being in the comfort and sanctity of your Fort Worth apartment is  a truly sacred thing. But when you are out for a night on the town what are you going to do about your ride?

On a night on the town, you want to hit all the top spots in your own car and want to know that you can have a good time. But you also know that the skittishness of car services and the disgust of a cab doesn’t come close to the comfort you feel in your own vehicle. You should be able to stay safe on St. Patrick’s Day and always by using a service like Driven DFW.

This service works like this; you arrange for a professional and courteous drive to meet you at your home before you go out. The driver then parks their car and drives you to your destination. Then, you have whatever kind of fun you want and at the end of the night, the driver drives you home. In your own car.

Driven DFW is a revolution sweeping the nation. With their amazing training, knowledge of the area, and absolute discretion, Driven DFW should be your only answer to who’s driving tonight.

Jan 13

Vets in Fort Worth for Optimum Pet Health

Life in our pet-friendly apartments in Fort Worth is pretty relaxing. We love our pets and when they’re well, things are all good. However what about when your pet’s got health concerns? Make sure your pet gets the most from their health by visiting one of these area vets in Fort Worth for your pets ultimate well being!

pet doctor

Bring in your pets whenever any issues arise!

Banfield Pet Hospital: You can’t argue with a metric like the one for pets at Banfield Pet Hospital. These folks are fully focused on making sure your pet has optimum wellness. They also promote their wellness plan for life which includes preventative care so that your pet lives well and stays well.

East Lancaster Animal Hospital: Veterinarian’s at East Lancaster Animal Hospital are on a first name basis with the pets and their owners; Dr. Bob and Dr. Jeff are both interested in your pets well being and making sure that there are no concerns for their livelihoods.

ABC Animal Clinic: Another spot that has got your pets A,B,C’s covered is the ABC Animal Clinic. Here you will have only the best experiences and your pet is their primary focus.

Don’t be fooled; visit one of these veterinarians in Fort Worth whenever necessary!

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Jan 13

Looking for an Apartment in Forth Worth? Why Floor Plan Designs Matter

Looking for an Apartment in Fort Worth? Why Floor Plan Designs Matter

Find a new apartment home by checking out the floor plan design.

The search for the best apartment in Fort Worth for your family can be made much easier by examining floor plan designs.  Floor plans truly matter and can make a world of difference when making certain the apartment is going to be the best fit for your family and their living needs.

For instance, if the public area in the apartment in Fort Worth is too small for entertaining in the living room or holding dinner parties, then you should avoid leasing it. Look for floor plans that dictate dimensions that are suitable for all of the events and instances you expect to arise in life.

Another important consideration for your family when renting an apartment in Fort Worth is to see if the private areas of the apartment are spacious enough for your beds, furniture and everyday household items.  If you desire privacy, then location of the bedrooms in the floor plan may be a deal breaker if they are easy accessible to visitors or guests.

The kitchen is another area where the floor plan designs can determine if you have space enough to prepare and store family meals adequately.  If the kitchen is too small to place a table or small island in, avoid it!

For information on finding a new home in Fort Worth, feel free to contact Lincoln Trinity Bluff at 888-318-9702.

Jan 13

Get Ready for “Memphis: The Musical” February 12-17

Get Ready for "Memphis: The Musical" February 12-17

Spice up 2013 by catching the musical Memphis in Fort Worth.

While the list of events in Fort Worth may be long and varied, there are just some events that really light the fire underneath you. If you’ve ever wondered how things were in the south more than half a century ago, get ready for “Memphis: The Musical” playing at Bass Performance Hall.

“Memphis: The Musical,” premiering February 12-17,  tells the sweltering tale of just what it was like in the underground dance clubs of 1950’s Memphis. Expressive dancing, unmistakable harmonies and singing characterize this story of fame and forbidden love in what must seems like a story ripped out of a fairy tale.

But this was really the way things were in another time. This musical is inspired by a Caucasian radio jock who wants to change radio culture and world by introducing a young, talented, black nightclub singer who is ready for her chance to shine.

This musical was a Broadway smash in 2010 and won four Tony Awards. It’s now top of the list of events in Fort Worth! Come see what America in the 1950’s and the radio-scene were all about.

Jan 13

Check Out the Trinity Bluff Renters’ Reviews on Renter’s Voice

Check out the Trinity Bluff Renter's Reviews on Renter's Voice

Take a peek at a few of the great reviews for Lincoln Trinity Bluff at Renter’s Reviews.

In far too many instances when you have been searching for quality residential living that is comfortable, and convenient to all the hip venues in Fort Worth, you run into a wall.  Well, the wall has been shattered, because your search for luxury Fort Worth apartments ends with Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments!

That’s right, and according to the totally reviews mentioned in the objective Renter’s Voice, residents have given high marks to the top tier luxury amenities offered at this neighborhood in Fort Worth.

In fact, one resident emphasized that the service is flawless and the quality of amenities is impeccable. Other residents gave high ratings for the resort style pool, décor and attention to detail.  Of course, the convenient location makes it perfect for dining, entertainment and the best shopping experiences possible.

The renters’ reviews are invaluable because prospective residents have an opportunity to evaluate and compare luxury Fort Worth apartments.  For instance, one reviewer was seeking to move to Lincoln Trinity Bluff, due to the positive friendly gathering the reviewer had about the clubhouse.

If you are interested in dynamic quality living at Lincoln Trinity Bluff , please call: 817-332-1110.  You and your family will not regret it!

Jan 13

Storage Abounds at Lincoln Trinity Bluff

Storage Abounds at Lincoln Trinity Bluff

Conveniently store your possessions and life’s clutter at Trinity Bluff.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and this is especially true at Lincoln Trinity Bluff in Fort Worth. If you have been searching for more room for your things at home and you don’t live here, you should know that storage abounds at Lincoln Trinity Bluff!

If you do live here, then you are already well aware of our community’s luxurious and generous amenities. Check out the numerous ways in which we make storage make sense for you and your family.

Walk-in closets: The closets at Trinity Bluff are spacious and represent a great turn from the way many viewed their closets in the past. Up, down, and all along the closet railing, there is ample room for storage and retrieval in our closets.

Linen closets: The linen closet may have once before just been considered an afterthought. That is not the case in our apartment community. Our generously sized linen closets leave plenty of room for imagination and of course storage.

Over-sized kitchen pantries: You have to keep your food somewhere. The over-sized kitchen pantries are both generous and well equipped for all of your food, spices and trimmings.

Get hip right now to what living with ample space is all about at Trinity Bluff!

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