Mar 13

Catch a Rangers Home Game in Arlington this Spring

Catch a Rangers Home Game in Arlington this Spring

Head out to Rangers Ballpark for the chance to catch an exciting game this spring.

Spring is here and baseball is in the air and for fans, which means Rangers home games are a hot ticket. The Texas Rangers have a nice line up for the upcoming season, with several games that should top the charts in excitement.

The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is a beautiful facility where its all about baseball. From the natural grass playing field to the nearly 50,000 seats in the stands, fans have a premier stadium with excellent views of the field.

Purchase tickets for an upcoming game like the Rangers vs the White Sox at 7:05pm on Thursday, May 2. Support the team playing against the Blue Jays at 2:05 on Sunday, June 16 or when they take on the Astros on Monday, August 19 at 7:05pm.

There’s plenty of game action throughout the summer and fall, with the last regular season game for the Rangers scheduled for Sunday, September 29 against the Angels — be prepared for the return of Josh Hamiliton. To get the most out of the stadium experience, consider packaged ticket deals or go all out with season tickets, so you don’t miss a single game.

Get your game face on at Lincoln Trinity Bluff and then head over to the stadium with friends and cheer the Rangers on to victory!

Mar 13

Your Pooch Will Love Fort Woof Dog Park

Your Pooch Will Love Fort Woof Dog Park

Get outside with a trip to Fort Worth’s Woof Dog Park. 

Spring and summer offer a great opportunity to enjoy some very special times with your favorite four legged friend at your pet-friendly community of Lincoln Trinity Bluff.  It is also a treat of sorts to take your pet to area dog parks in Fort Worth.  One special park your pooch will adore is Fort Woof Dog Park!

This locally located dog park is a terrific place for your pet to roam free and makes all kinds of new friends in this off-leash dog park.  It is easy to find once you arrive at Gateway Park.  It has very convenient hours daily, too, from 5:00 am to 11:30 pm.

Fort Woof Dog Park is a wonderful green location, where owners of large dogs and small dogs can frolic in their own separate areas.  Pet owners can even relax on benches and watch their pets play. The dog park also provides a number of poop-disposal locations stocked with an ample supply of plastic bags.

Take the time to checkout dog parks in Fort Worth and then head over to Fort Woof Dog Park for the real deal in canine fun!

For other ways to enjoy outdoor activities, check out our Lincoln Trinity Bluff Apartments community blog!


Mar 13

How to Go Green with Your Spring Cleaning

How to Go Green with Your Spring Cleaning

Clean up your home with these green cleaning alternatives.

Mixing your own nonnarcotic cleaners at Lincoln at Trinity Bluff is one of the simplest ways to “go green.” If you have no idea about simple homemade green cleaners, you should read on. Learn how to go green with your spring cleaning and chalk your home up to the list of those one less chemically dependent.

One of the simplest cleaners is great for surfaces of all kinds. Baking soda and water is one of the greenest cleaners around and can really help you make your home shine. Add in some kosher salt if you’re having a hard time getting a tough stain out.

Another green cleaner is lemon juice or it’s alternative, vinegar. Either one is great for surfaces again, as well as stains, mildew or grease streaks.

If you’re hoping to find a recipe for your own homemade disinfectant, you need only take 2 cups water, 3 tablespoons of liquid soap and 20-30 drops of tea tree oil, and presto, you have your own homemade disinfectant.

Any of these three cleaners are great green alternatives for multiple surfaces in your home! Get nontoxic and chemical free in the new year!

Mar 13

Check Out Ellerbe for Farm-to-Table Food in Cowtown

There are many organic restaurants in Fort Worth that are perfect for residents in our community. Fresh organic food is much healthier and tastes delicious. For the best selection, be sure to check out Ellerbe Fine Foods!

Check Out Ellerbe for Farm-to-Table Food in Cowtown

Enjoy farm-to-table specialties at Ellerbe in Cowtown.

The best farm-to-table ingredients are used to create Ellerbe’s menu offerings. No matter whether your diet includes all kinds of foods or you have special dietary needs, there is always something available to suit your needs. Just a few of the menu selections include butternut squash and Gruyere baklava, grilled Texas quail, heirloom tomato soup and shrimp from the Gulf.

For dessert, try their Mississippi Mud Slide or Texas citrus cake.

You’ll also want to stop by the market located on the site of the restaurant. Choose from a nice selection of sweets, wines and even homemade soaps. You can have special gift baskets made up with your favorite items. These will make any occasion more special.

Our Fort Worth community is one of the best places to live for easy access to Downtown/Uptown restaurants. You can be sure that you’ll have a great time with access to all of these restaurants, as well as a vibrant nightlife!

Mar 13

Where to Go Kayaking Near Fort Worth

Where to Go Kayaking Near Fort Worth

Learn about kayaking in FW with these handy resources.

There may not be too many places to go kayaking near Fort Worth, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to find a place to cast off. If you are willing to make the trip out to find where to go kayaking near Fort Worth, here are some resources to use!

One of the best places to visit to learn about kayaking all over Fort Worth is Trinity River Expeditions in Dallas. This place has got all the resources and all the information you could need about guided tours. Even if you want to do a self-guided expedition, it helps to visit somewhere like Trinity River to get all the information that you need and maybe pair up with some fellow kayakers.

Another place to visit this one in Fort Worth proper is Aqua Time Boat Rentals. Here you can learn all you need to know about kayaking in the vicinity of Fort Worth. Moreover, you can buy or rent out equipment, or partner up with other kayakers and really get the full experience.

Either of these places will enable you to learn all you need to know about kayaking around Fort Worth from Lincoln at Trinity Bluff apartments!


Mar 13

Green Living: 3 Creative Uses for a Leftover Orange Peel

Green Living: 3 Creative Uses for a Leftover Orange Peel

Check out these new uses for orange peels in the kitchen.

It’s not hard to find out how to live green at Lincoln Trinity Bluff. These days everyone has got a bevy of online information on green alternatives in the house. But did you ever think of the potential of reusing orange peels? It’s true, if you’re hoping to have really green apartment, here are creative uses for leftover orange peels!

Fire Starter: While we don’t recommend trying to burn down the house, an orange peel is very flammable. If you are taking a camping trip or are in short supply of kindling for your grill, you can use an orange peel to keep the fire going!

Cat Repellant: If your cat is clawing at furniture or digging into plants, you can put orange peel around these. Cats don’t dig on the orange peel scent and will usually stay away.

Zest: If you have soups, salads, or sauces which could use a spike of zest, you can scrape off the top layer of the peel which can add a really zingy taste. Dry the zest overnight and store it somewhere air tight for future use indefinitely!

You may think peels are scraps but truly you can take your orange remnants further!

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