Sep 13

Expereince Fun and Fear at Cutting Edge in Fort Worth

Expereince Fun and Fear at Cutting Edge in Fort Worth

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This Halloween, be afraid. Be very afraid by choosing to walk the hallways of an eerie Fort Worth haunted house. Voted as one of the best places for terrorizing folks in America, the Cutting Edge Haunted House is where the bravest folks among us tread for Halloween thrills.

The fear and excitement take place in the 100-year-old meat packing facility where memories of the past come alive, sort of. You’ll see the abandoned plant in action through the eyes of the dearly departed as the meat packing equipment works its black magic.

Be prepared for other-worldly scenes so realistic you’ll want to reach out and touch it, but don’t because one of the inhabitants may want to welcome you to “the other side.”

You’ll see plenty of corpses in various states, duck in horror from blood-chilling sounds, and flee from frightening props that you can’t be too sure whether they’re fake or something that used to be real.

If scary is something you want to experience, stop by Friday, Saturday or Sunday throughout October. There will also be a few select weekday showings at 7pm and 8pm.

Located in the heart of the city, Trinity Bluff is in close proximity to area businesses, restaurants and seasonal attractions, including the over-the-top Cutting Edge Haunted House.

Sep 13

Soak in The Culture at ArtsGoggle in Fort Worth

If there has ever been any doubt about what is the best festival in Fort Worth over the last decade, whoever is asking that question obviously hasn’t been out to ArtsGoggle!

Soak in The Culture at ArtsGoggle in Fort Worth

Join the Fort Worth community at the 2013 ArtsGoggle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

For the past decade, ArtsGoggle has become the premiere festival for the quirky and community loving residents of Fort Worth. If you have never been out to ArtsGoggle and you’ve been wondering what it’s all about, you need to come check this event out!

ArtsGoggle is an arts festival in one of the artiest places in all of Texas. Fort Worth has such a rich and elegant history in the arts, and there is a little something for everyone here.

Drawing on the contributions of its participants, ArtsGoggle has live music, great artwork, and a pretty impressive public reception. ArtsGoggle wastes no time drawing in everyone who wishes to contribute their work for display. Additionally, this festival really draws on the support and encouragement of locals who come and enjoy in the festivities.

Happening on Saturday, October 12th, ArtsGoggle has won the distinguished honor as the Best Gallery Art Show of the Last 12 Months by Fort Worth Weekly readers.

So, come out and see what’s going on at this amazing festival near our Fort Worth apartments, this fall!

Sep 13

Simple Decorating Tips to Get Into the Halloween Spirit

Simple Decorating Tips to Get Into the Halloween Spirit

Bring the Halloween home with these decorating pointers. Source: morgueFile

The Halloween season is almost here. Whether you’re decorating your Trinity Bluff apartment for ghosts and goblins or you’re hosting a themed party, it’s time to put some Halloween apartment decorations around your home to create a hauntingly beautiful space. Here are some fun and simple Halloween decorating tips.

Place motion-activated ghosts, vampires or witches by your doorway to scare your visitors and trick-or-treaters. If these are a little too scary, decorate with animated pumpkins or groups of black cats instead.

Put faux cobwebs on the walls and accessories throughout your apartment. For a realistic look, attach furry spiders on your cobwebs. This is one time you won’t feel embarrassed if a guest finds a cobweb in your luxurious apartment.

For an elegant Halloween look, decorate your apartment with black and orange pillows, candles and flowers. Complete your decorating by hanging a boldly embellished Halloween wreath on your front door.

Once you’re done decorating the inside of your home, put some of your apartment Halloween decorations on the front door of your Trinity Bluff apartment. This decorative touch will be a fun way to give everyone who visits a taste of what’s on the other side of the door.

Sep 13

Sample the Finest Beers in Fort Worth at BeerFeast

Sample the Finest Beers in Fort Worth at BeerFeast

Search for a new brew at the Fort Worth BeerFeast. Source: MorgueFile

It is worth noting that when the weather begins to cool there is one Fort Worth beer festival of record which should be sought out. The BeerFeast 2013 is the name and amazing beer is its game. Happening at Flying Saucer on East Third Street, this year’s BeerFeast is one that is not to be missed.

With more than 60 craft brews on tap at the festival, scheduled for this October 12th, beer lovers everywhere are totally jazzed at the opportunity to find a new brew.

If you have been out to the BeerFeast in years past, there are going to be some differences in this year’s festival. One of the biggest changes to this year’s festival is that all attendants must be 21 years and over. All visitors must purchase a ticket to the event, as well, and if you want to lend a hand to some friends and be the “designated driver,” it will cost just $15.

Whatever your connection to local craft brews and beer, this is a great time to come out with friends or neighbors at your Fort Worth apartment and enjoy bonding around great new beers you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Sep 13

Fun Ideas for Your Pet’s Halloween Costume

Fun Ideas for Your Pet's Halloween Costume

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Are you the proud pet parent of a cute canine or fun feline? If so, show them off this All Hallows Eve with fun Halloween costumes for pets! Whether you purchase them online (Amazon has some that are hilarious and adorable), or make them at home with a trip to our nearby Michael’s, we’ve put together a few fun ideas that will make you giggle and keep your pet having fun with the whole family.

  • With a few scraps of colorful cloth and a doll wig, you can create a hippie costume for your pet.
  • Grab a superhero t-shirt and a long swath of cloth (long for your dog or cat but not so long they trip) and you can create a superhero pet in minutes.
  • With a frilly doily for a hat, and some large, costume glasses (make sure they’re chew proof), you can make a granny costume for your companion animal.

Take these ideas for Halloween costumes for pets, and enjoy a fun and safe holiday, making sure you give them plenty of dog or cat treats!

If you’re looking for more pet care tips, check out the blog at Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

Sep 13

Try the Authentic Mexican Cuisine at the Mercado Juarez Cafe

You’ll definitely feel like you’re south of the border at the Mercado Juarez Cafe. It’s one of the best restaurants for authentic Mexican food in Fort Worth and has been serving customers for over 20 years.

Appetizers, lunch, dinner and a bevy of specialty cocktails like luscious frozen margaritas and domestic brings your meal together to make the best traditional Mexican meal in Fort Worth.

Start off with a crisp salad, nachos and dip, or a spicy quesadilla to get your taste buds humming. Sit back and enjoy one of the house specialties, from mesquite char-broiled shrimp to a perfectly prepared steak fired up with a smoky chipotle sauce.

From the traditional menu, spicy chili relleno’s, enchiladas, crispy tacos, tamales, chimichangas, meat fajitas and over-stuffed burritos will leave you wanting more. You’ll experience a fiesta of flavors no matter what your order.

Save room for a scrumptious dessert, like their fried ice cream or creamy flan with whipped cream. The goodies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Just minutes from our Trinity Bluff community, you and your friends can enjoy the best in flavor and atmosphere at this casual and friendly Mexican restaurant where the customer is always the priority.

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