Dec 13

Why Letting Go of Extra Stuff Is Good for You

If you are getting your first apartment or are selling your house to move into one, downsizing is your first step to your new lifestyle.  While our Fort Worth, TX, apartments are rather spacious, there are still restrictions when living in an apartment, so it’s good to purge your stuff.  Plus you have the added bonus of not having to move nearly as many things.

getting rid of excess stuff

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Here are some other benefits of getting rid of excess stuff:

  • Save money: With less stuff, you can look at apartments that have less square footage, thus being slight less expensive.   You will also tend not to misplace things, so you won’t have to purchase as many duplicate items. 
  • Less stress: Getting rid of clutter will lift a ton of stress out of your life making life easier for you. Plus, you could save up to 55 minutes a day not having to look for stuff, according to an IKEA study.
  • Utility bills: Plus you can also save money on your heating bills, since heat has to warm up everything in the room before it heats the room. 

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Dec 13

Working With Your Vertical Space In an Apartment

You haven’t maximized the space in your apartment until you take advantage of the vertical space. Walls offer space to hang almost anything. Here are some apartment design ideas to inspire you:

vertical space in an apartment


  • Use your walls to display photographs and art. Place three-dimensional art such as pottery and sculpture on wall shelves or in those empty nooks in your entertainment center.
  • Need to get organized? Put hanging shoe organizers on the back of all of your closet doors. You’ll never run out of ways to use the pockets–they are perfect for organizing everything from incoming mail to craft supplies.
  • Use the vertical space under your kitchen cabinets to keep stray items off the countertop. Hooks for cups or pot holders, shelves for spices and cookbooks or even a wine rack can help you keep your countertops clutter-free with everything you need still at your fingertips.
  • Wall shelves offer storage and display space in any room. You can even mount them inside your closets.

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Dec 13

Managing the Holiday Stress Test


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If you’re planning on hosting a holiday party, you can have an amazing and memorable time doing so at our luxurious Trinity Bluff apartment community. However, when you’re in your apartment in Forth Worth, it’s important to manage your stress as it’s normal to experience an abundance of it during this time of year. You can enjoy gratitude over stress this holiday season.

  • Let go of your expectations this holiday season. Generally, everyone has high expectations that can very quickly become unattainable or unrealistic. As a result of releasing your expectations, you can relax more and eliminate stress at the same time.
  • Change your way of thinking in terms of what is truly important, especially during the holiday season. Be grateful for everything good you have, such as good health, a wonderful and loving family, loyal friends and so forth.
  • Think toward the time when the holidays are over. You can rest more easily and be grateful afterward, especially when things have gone smoothly and without stress.

Let us know how you will be managing holiday stress this season. Contact us for more information and to schedule a tour of our beautiful apartment community.

Dec 13

How to Create a Visually Engaging Colorful Home

Regardless of the size of your apartment home, you can enhance its appeal with a targeted color remodel. It’s been proven that colors evoke different emotions and feelings in your home. Check out the following guidelines to create a visually stimulating apartment home design.

color design


Some people are afraid to add color to their home for fear of overdoing it. While over-stimulation in your apartment design can be just as bad as having no visual stimulation at all, you can eliminate all of your fears by following one simple rule.

The 80/20 rule is the optimal guideline to follow when decorating your home. When designing your color scheme, 80% of the room should be neutral colors, and save the remaining 20% for more vibrant accents.

Large items like the sofa or table should be neutral. Neutrals include blacks, browns, grays and whites. For a creative approach, swap a chair or two in a dining room set to a bright bold color. The following are great accent items you can use to introduce a color to apartment design:

  • lamps
  • rugs
  • pillows
  • blankets

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Dec 13

Sleep Easy In Your Trinity Urban Bluff Apartment

You love your new luxury apartment in Uptown Fort Worth. Organizing, cleaning and decorating help you make you new space feel like home. Even more important to your home comfort is getting a good night’s sleep. With the right choice of mattress and bedding, you will sleep easy.

sleepy koala


Contrary to popular opinion, mattress firmness is less important to a comfortable night than the materials it is made of. Natural materials like wool, cotton and latex may cost a bit more, but the payoff is a breathable mattress that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The same goes for pillows. If you have a sensitivity or allergy to some natural materials, simply use allergy-proof protective covers for your pillow and mattress.

Another factor is the thread count of your linens, but don’t be fooled into thinking that more is always better. Sheets with a 400 thread count are best for warmth and comfort, whereas higher thread counts can be more stiff and less breathable.

Compliment your bed with bedside lamps that adjust or dim to set the tone for a perfect night’s sleep.

Contact us for more tips on settling in and loving your apartment.

Dec 13

Getting a Live Tree? Keep it Healthy With These Tips

The fragrance alone is enough reason to consider a live tree for the holidays, and after the festivities, do your part for the environment by planting it outdoors. Here are some tips for keeping a tree alive in your apartment in Fort Worth through the holidays and beyond:

pine trees


  • Trees traditionally sold for the holidays, such as Fraser Firs, prefer cold winters and don’t survive outdoors in our mild, Texas climate. If you’d like to move your tree to the balcony after the holidays or transplant it outdoors, think non-traditional. Leyland cypress and loblolly pine are good choices, and you can keep a rosemary “tree” indoors year round.
  • Place the tree in a cool location away from heat registers. Give it plenty of room so that people can walk by without brushing against it.
  • Water the tree regularly, but not too often. You can tell if your tree needs water by pushing a sharpened pencil into the soil. If it comes out clean and dry, the tree needs water.

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