Feb 14

Why Exercise? Three Benefits of Regular Cardio

More than just a great way to shed extra pounds, regular cardiovascular exercise can benefit every system in your body. Be sure to include activities like jogging, swimming, or aerobics in your workouts so your body can enjoy these three benefits.

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  1. Easier Recovery after Lifting. If you’ve just done a tough lifting session, hopping on the treadmill for a brisk walk or light jog can help clear your system of some of the byproducts resulting in a quicker recovery.
  2. Better Diabetes Management. Regular cardio will increase your body’s ability to utilize glucose and therefore keep your blood sugar under control.
  3. Improved Hormonal Profile. Ease depression and fight off fatigue by stimulating the body’s “feel good” hormones and decreasing your appetite.

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Feb 14

Advice From a Professional On Keeping Your Closet Organized

If you find that you’re constantly struggling to find what you need in your closet, or you haven’t been able to close the door all the way for months, then it might be time to think about making a closet organization plan.

In her recent video on closet organization, professional organizer Amelia Meena gives these tips to get organized.

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  1. Clean out your wardrobe often, at least two to four times a year.
  2. Clear with the seasons. Spring and fall are great times to go through clothes, along with January for a fresh start to the year.
  3. Schedule your time. Mark your calendar for your clean-out time so you can plan ahead and be prepared.
  4. Be Honest. Keeping old clothes for any reason other than loving to wear them will only cause clutter. Move out anything that doesn’t make you feel great.
  5. Donate your old clothes that are still in good condition. Make sure you do it right away so bags of clothes aren’t cluttering up your rooms.

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Feb 14

Find Out Some Local History at the Texas Civil War Museum

Whether you’re a Civil War buff, enjoy learning about history, or are simply looking to head out to one of the excellent Fort Worth museums this weekend, the Texas Civil War Museum is packed with military collections, flags, personal artifacts, and more.

Source: Texas Civil War Museum

Popular Exhibits

  • Judy Richey Victorian Dress Collection. A look at women’s and children’s clothes from the 1860s through 1900.
  • Ray Richey Civil War Collection. with over 3,000 military artifacts including the medical branch and musical instruments, this collection is considered one of the largest private collections.
  • Texas Confederate Collection. Includes articles from the home front in Texas and over 60 historic flags.

Hours and Location

The museum is located at 760 Jim Wright Freeway North, just a quick 15 minute drive from our Forth Worth apartments, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, call (817) 246-2323.

Finding great ways to spend the day in Forth Worth is one of the ways we like to help our residents feel at home. Contact us to find out what else makes Trinity Bluff a great place to live.

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