Aug 14

See What’s On Display at the Dallas Museum of Art

Looking for things to do in Dallas Fort Worth this weekend? Why not head over to the Dallas Museum of Art and see what special exhibitions they have currently on display? Here are some exhibits and artists you can look forward to:

Dallas Museum of Art

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Behind the Scenes gives you exactly what you’d expect – a look behind the scenes at the creation of many of the paintings currently featured in galleries at the museum. From techniques to materials, you’ll learn about how artists work, what inspires them, and how they use supplies to create from that inspiration.

Kathe Kollwitz and her artwork were born from the events surrounding World War I. You can see her powerful, emotionally-moving drawings and paintings in the Kathe Kollwitz: A Social Activist in the Era of World War I installation until November 2014.

The Dallas Museum of Art is located on North Harwood and open six days a week. General admission is free while some exhibitions have an $8 admission cost. Head to the museum now to see these beautiful and amazing exhibits before they’re gone!

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Aug 14

Enjoy a High Class Meal at the Zodiac Restaurant

Everyone living here at Trinity Bluff knows by now that there is no shortage of great entertainment, shopping and restaurants near Fort Worth. You can even make a day of it by shopping until you drop at Neiman Marcus, then enjoying a sophisticated meal at The Zodiac Restaurant.

zodiac restaurant in dallas


For over 50 years, shoppers and non-shoppers alike have been flocking to The Zodiac for a top-notch dining experience. There was a time when fashion shows would take place during dining hours so ladies could see the latest styles while enjoying lunch. Times have changed, of course, but not The Zodiac’s style and level of sophistication. Today, the restaurant is legendary for its pot roast, perfected for Stanley Marcus himself, and its popovers with strawberry butter. The consistently high quality of the food is another rave-garnering aspect of this Dallas landmark.

You’ll also get the chance to do a little people watching, as The Zodiac is still known for its well-heeled clientele. But at a place like Neiman Marcus, what else could you expect? So put on your best and get ready for a truly special experience.

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Aug 14

Looking for a Cozy Restaurant? Try the Suze

With so many Fort Worth restaurants located near our luxury apartments, you may have a hard time deciding where to go for dinner. If looking to have a casual meal in an intimate atmosphere, grab a meal at Suze. While there you can dine on American or Mediterranean cuisine.

Suze Restaurant in Dallas

Source: Zagat

You can begin the meal with mussels, fried green tomatoes, or Kobe beef capriccio paired with Calabrese peppers. The menu also features such entrees as portobello filled ravioli, roasted king salmon, almond crusted Idaho rainbow trout, and pan seared pod.

Save room for dessert and try the sticky toffee pudding, creme brulee, or crepes with cajeta. This is one of the Fort Worth restaurants that also has seasonal specials created with produce and dairy from local farmers.

Suze is located in Dallas at 4345 West Northwest Highway. It’s open for lunch daily from noon to 4 pm and for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. You can make a reservation via Open Table.

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Aug 14

Get Some Use out of Your Old Candlesticks and Make These DIY Candles

It is entirely possible that there is no such thing as too many apartment living tips. Today, you are going to learn how to recycle old candlesticks into some fantastic homemade ones.

diy candles


  1. Carefully cut into each candle about a third of the way, going in the same direction as the wick. Do the same on the other side, and the candle should fall apart on its own. Cutting perpendicularly a few times may help the process, but always be careful to avoid cutting the wick.
  2. Using an old saucepan that you are okay with getting wax on, create a double boiler to melt the wax.
  3. Use a glue gun to secure the wick in place in the new candle.
  4. Suspend the recovered wick over the glass jars you will be turning into candles.
  5. Pour the melted wax into the jars and let them cool.

By layering the wax, you can even get a striped look to your new creation. A little experimentation should get you on track pretty quickly. If you are ever in need of more apartment living tips, or if you are looking for a great new place to live, don’t hesitate to check with us here at Trinity Bluff Urban Apartments.

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