Oct 16

A Cool Community, No Matter the Hour

It seems that everyone is on the go these days. Whether you have a ton of projects to do, some friends that you want to visit, a bunch of errands to clear up before the weekend ends, or you just don’t want to stay at home, it’s hard to find time for yourself or at least to sit down and take everything in while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff Apartments understands that pain; being right next to downtown Fort Worth, people rush and bustle all over the place in our neighborhoods, which is why we try to give everyone at least peace of mind when moving in, if not peace of body, through our hamlet.

Almost every service in the community is available twenty four hours, so no matter what time you eventually get home, you’ll have access to whatever you need. If you need to fit in a late night or early morning workout, there’s a state of the art athletic center full of cardio and strength equipment, along with plenty of space for yoga and meditation to settle your nerves. Those who want to let off some steam by shooting some pool can visit the always open clubhouse, where you can lounge on your own or with your friends, play some games, watch a few of your favorite TV shows or films, connect to the free Wi-Fi internet and socialize on Facebook or Skype, and overall distract yourself from life’s troubles if only for a few moments. Prompt emergency maintenance is on call for those little accidents in your home that threaten to throw off your busy schedule, and rent payments can even be made online through e-check or credit/debit cards, saving you the time needed to travel to our offices.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to stop and take a breath, and there’s plenty for you to do when you finally find the time. Enjoy our lovely, large pool with splash deck, or kick back in the courtyard and catch the warm Texan sun; host a cookout with our convenient outdoor BBQ grills and patio seating; and take your furry best friend out for a walk through our pet friendly complex and around the Trinity River.

Ease up for once and let your life take its course the way you want it to. Come by Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff Apartments online and look at our many flats, and find the one perfect for you whenever you like.

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Oct 16

Award Winning Scares!

It’s that spooky type of year again, and no doubt you’ve heard of the World’s Largest Haunted Attraction before, whether it was on the papers, on the morning news, or on a Facebook post. The Cutting Edge in Fort Worth, TX, has a creepy reputation that it lives up to and excels, winning over dozens of awards and commendations over the past few years and being claimed as one of the best haunted house parks ever to exist. Anyone who’s a haunted house connoisseur shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to see for yourself all the terrors that The Cutting Edge provides and at Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff apartments, you’re only ten minutes away from all the horror.

The Cutting Edge is a haunted house attraction founded in 2009, and ever since it has received plenty of positive mention and popularity. Set in an old meat packing factory during the days in which Fort Worth’s main export was cattle, this haunted house takes a sinister twist as humans are put through the meat packing process while you take the demented and frightening tour. The tour is a record breaking hour long and full of tension the entire time, complete with terrifying acting, high quality special effects, rooms to spark claustrophobia and overall terror, and much more. It’s great for anyone in love with the holiday and of getting chilled down to your core, though it’s not recommended for children under the age of 12 and kids under the age of 10 will not be admitted into the haunted attraction. Tickets for the remaining shows are available from October 26th through November 5th, with special hours during the weekend and on Halloween night. The prices vary depending on the night you plan to attend, though group discounts and coupons along with credit card payments are available online, and speed passes are also available for those who want to spend less time in line or skip the lines all together. Parking is $10 per vehicle.

Don your courage, and challenge yourself to brave one of the scariest and the largest haunted houses yet. Visit Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff Apartments online or at the leasing office to find the perfect flat, and then come visit The Cutting Edge this Halloween season…if you dare!

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Oct 16

Townhome Comfort in Tarrant County

People tend to have a misconception of apartments; they seem to assume you have to sacrifice at least one thing in order to get an apartment for your own. For example, you have to give up luxury for value, or that you have to give up your car and live close to the city since there’s never enough parking, or that there’s just simply not enough space to fit everyone you want. However, at Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff Apartment Homes just to the north of Downtown Fort Worth, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. With both a great value and equal amounts of luxury and add-ons, you can have your Texas-sized cake and eat it, too.

Every apartment flat, no matter the size, comes with efficient air conditioning and lovely ceiling fans for keeping out that searing summer heat; oversized closets to store all your outfits, shoes, and keepsakes and maintain an organized home; washer and dryer connections in order to do all your laundry in the comfort in your own home; and private balconies to decorate, set out your patio furniture, and gaze out at the brilliant city lights. Regardless of how much you add or take away, you guaranteed at least a comfortable home.

Of course, if you want more go ahead and have more. If you want more study spaces and better storage for all your books and films, you can opt for built-in bookshelves. The granite countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms give versatility as well as style, along with the hardwood floors in the living and bedroom areas, the slate tile entry way, and the tile backsplash. The side by side refrigerator allows you to stuff in more leftovers from great, nearby restaurants, or a huge bounty of groceries for an upcoming party or celebration. The bathrooms expand to give garden soaking tubs, perfect for luxurious, steaming bubble baths, and the stand alone shower is ideal for those quick morning routines or right after a long workout or work day. Finally, if you want security for your vehicle without having to give it away, some flats come with attached garages so that you can park right next to your home and keep it out of the elements.

Don’t sacrifice; have it all and then some at Fort Worth! Visit Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff Apartments through the leasing office or online and find the perfect flat for your needs and desires today.

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Oct 16

Living Alone Shouldn’t Be So Bad

Let’s face it: being alone isn’t great at all. Even if you’re the most misanthropic, shut in, introverted, anti-social person in the entire world, having at least one family member on your side, a best friend, or a romantic partner makes a huge difference in quality of life. So when you eventually live on your own, whether you’re a fresh college graduate testing independence for the first time, your family nest has finally emptied, or what have you, you’ll no doubt want a new home that’ll give you all the benefits of lonesome living without all the downsides. Here at Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff Apartments, just next door to Downtown Fort Worth, going the solo path doesn’t have to be a hassle, but rather a luxury you can surprisingly afford.

Take for example, the A5 Emilee Park one bedroom, one bathroom floor plan: at 772 square feet, it’s already quite spacious for an apartment of this style. Coming in through the front door, you’re greeted by a great kitchen space, complete with a large island and bar space to set up a stool set, and a linen closet to your left help to store all your winter coats, umbrellas, and other weather based tools. The spacious dining area neighbors the kitchen, so it’s perfect for hosting holiday parties for all your friends and family to join you, or maybe more intimate and simple dinner dates. Next to a wide window is the even wider living room, great for putting your best entertainment set together and catching up on your favorite TV shows or playing video games all night long. The bedroom to the left gives more than enough room for you to set down a king size bed and still have enough to fit cabinet space or perhaps a second TV set to watch movies in bed. The connected bathroom comes complete with a large soaking tub to ease away your troubles, and a stand in shower for the perfect start or finish to a workday. The large walk in closet next door provides enough area to store your entire wardrobe and then some; it’s perfect for organization and personalization. Last but not least, by request, you can have access to a personal balcony right outside your bedroom, so you can either care for a personal plant or gaze out at the great Fort Worth views.

So don’t mope around about being lonely; instead make the best of the new opportunities waiting for you. Visit Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff apartments through our leasing office or online and check out the Emilee Park. The next available flat is available Nov. 22, but if you’re unable to wait, there are other great choices for you to make to find your perfect home.

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