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Fun Ideas for Your Pet’s Halloween Costume

Fun Ideas for Your Pet's Halloween Costume

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Are you the proud pet parent of a cute canine or fun feline? If so, show them off this All Hallows Eve with fun Halloween costumes for pets! Whether you purchase them online (Amazon has some that are hilarious and adorable), or make them at home with a trip to our nearby Michael’s, we’ve put together a few fun ideas that will make you giggle and keep your pet having fun with the whole family.

  • With a few scraps of colorful cloth and a doll wig, you can create a hippie costume for your pet.
  • Grab a superhero t-shirt and a long swath of cloth (long for your dog or cat but not so long they trip) and you can create a superhero pet in minutes.
  • With a frilly doily for a hat, and some large, costume glasses (make sure they’re chew proof), you can make a granny costume for your companion animal.

Take these ideas for Halloween costumes for pets, and enjoy a fun and safe holiday, making sure you give them plenty of dog or cat treats!

If you’re looking for more pet care tips, check out the blog at Lincoln Trinity Bluff.

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