Nov 18

A Fort Worth Museum of Humanity’s Best Handiwork

Humans feature a neverending balance of creation and destruction, and the former can be seen wherever you look, whether it’s the computer or tablet you’re using to read this blog, the building you call your home, or the objects you use to fill it with comforts and delight. Our beautiful luxury apartments at Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff bring you all kinds of visual wonders, from our apartments themselves, our community, or our great location in Fort Worth.

For example, we’re close by the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth’s most prestigious art museum and the 1# ranked attraction on TripAdvisor. It’s located no more than five miles away from our luxury apartments, just a ten-minute drive across the Trinity River. Founded in 1936, the art museum now features approximately 350 pieces of artwork, ranging from eras all over the world. Explore ancient antiquities such as works from Greece, Assyria, Egypt, and Rome; marvel at the classic oil paintings of Europe during the Renaissance through to the 17th century; and admire the craftsmanship of American artworks from old Mayan civilizations and Native American tribes. Special event exhibitions, such as the current Balenciaga in Black, cycle through the year, giving you something new to see every trip back. Bring a souvenir to mark the occasion in their extensive shop, or take an art history or crafting course through their classes available for all age groups. Best of all, admission to the permanent collection is entirely free (excluding exhibitions or special events.)

Immerse yourself in the best of human expression here at Lincoln Park at Trinity Bluff. Explore the Kimbell Art Museum and our luxury apartments in Fort Worth today.

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